Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What happened. Something did.

 More of a statement than a question.

Things change.

I've lost the count.

So this is , lets say , the 'n'th time when things have changed.

And it makes me numb.
Absolutely blank.

When there is no analysis , no inference and no conclusion.
For all you know is that things have changed.

Its so bittersweet , I cannot smile.
I cannot weep.

There is the obvious sinking feeling inside. And everything farewell brings along with it.
And damn , it eats you.
Moreover the variables attached to the constants are already juggling and finding logic in my head.

But I must say at the end of it...I'm happy. I'm happy for everything. I'm absolutely sad about nothing.

And that in itself makes me more happy. 


  1. I was just nodding throughout until I reached the last line. I'm glad you're happy. As for me, I hope I reach there.

  2. Changes can be pretty unsettling. :)

  3. As the title of one of my posts goes, 'Change is the only constant change in this galaxy'

    Glad you're happy :)

  4. At the end of it...i m glad tht u r happy.

  5. That's what life is, isn't it?
    we can't help but grow over it, with it, through it... depends!

  6. Changes are good.
    Most of the times.

  7. Philosophical. (: Lovely, what matters is being happy. (: Continue remaining so.

  8. hey there!!!

    Change perhaps is the only constant in life :)

    anyways... how r u???


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