Monday, August 29, 2011


I like it when someone asks me out for dance - and even though I do not know how to jive..I still dive in the offer... Because I so so so wanted to ball dance :P

 I like it even more that a preferably good guy asked me out for the same :P :P lol

And then...I like it much more that another good guy from class pings me & tells me that I danced good :D :D

Nothing like being complimented. :P ;)

Do I not sound excited ?! Truth is...I 'enjoyed a party after a long time :))
Danced to my heart's content...clicked lots of pictures &had a great great time!!

Thanks to our seniors for the party!
Good venue...awesome DJ ..and okayish food. :P
However , when it comes to rocking tracks & dancing - I really don't  care about food. I eat dancing :) :D


  1. dance is always fun...
    like letting go :)

  2. firstly it was playing guitars and instruments and then it's dancing.. What's the remaining arts that would carve out from you ?? :D

  3. Oh my god, I want to dance so bad, you don't know! Aaaaah :D

  4. Dance is awesome. I <3 it. :)
    That sounds like so much fun. Oohhhlalalal :)


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