Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lets make it an easy exam.

There is a mysterious force that keeps me glued to you.
That makes you my magnet.
That doesn't let me let go.

No matter how hard I try.

I only pretend to try.
Because deep down..
I don't wanna let go.

** My story is not a love story.
My story won't have a happy ending.
It demands not to end.

Strangely its the imperfection that loops me into the cyclone of affection over & again only to be left withered and lovelorn.
 Its the imperfection that drives me more to reach a point of a single moment that is perfect ; perfect bliss.

Unrequited love hurts.But the phenomenon of loving someone without being in love..without having a reason makes my story special.

 My story concludes that attachment is a bad thing to happen & its a tedious task to write off the same.
A disease that has no medication except maybe learning to be immune.

Parallel story tells that time changes things. Time improves them too. And there won't be any hard feelings.
But until then I have to survive an amalgamation of butterflies & occasional heartbreaks.
I have to survive being selfish or being a fool.
I have to survive sailing through a storm. 

And I might not even  reach a beautiful island.I already know that. There are no promises , at all.

But I'm sticking to this because all my resolutions of giving up fail with one step from your side.
That doesn't make me weak. I guess accepting my defeat over you in itself makes it all the more easy. 

 Being so serious was never the plan. Its going to suck later - so why feel the pain in advance ??

I want to regain my humor. My story needs that.

But most of all - my story needs you.


  1. somewhere distant, there is a story, may be a love story, being written for you, waiting for you.. a script with beauty, with love, warmth and a pinch of humor...

  2. I so totally agree with Aakash!! :)

  3. looooooooooooooved the last line and the hero is in waiting...picture abhi baaki hain:-)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Somewhere Somplace "east".. your prince is waiting with his BMW, waiting for you :) :P

  6. At this moment - do not give a damn about someone else waiting.

    Not waiting or looking for someone 'else'

    Jeez. There's no fairytale.

  7. Hey...suger cube..

    I know you are as sweet as your pen name...and I hope..good things happen to you soon...things can not bad or worse..ever..remember...? :)

    Good Luck

  8. :( :( i dont know
    wot 2 say sugar!!

  9. I know babes. I know.
    You don't have to say anything :)
    You were right though. I need to throw someone out of the window (of my life :P lol )

    But you do see how difficult it is.
    There are times when I'm like FUCK OFF. And then of course it switches to : 'Fuck! I want you!'

  10. U really squared a circle!! ;) love ur blog dude!!


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