Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So dance , dance , like its the last , last night you your life , life...

...Coz baby tonight the DJ got us* falling in love again

( *with dance :P )

We had a ROCKING installation program  at college.
Totally enjoyed the entire process.
Selecting songs..setting the dance , practicing and performing  - in flat 2 days.
+ getting a dozen compliments and hooting :P

It was amazing! :D
We , the bunch of six , set the stage on fire :P

I took part in the fashion show as well. Our theme was Bikers !
That too was kickass :P

The arrangements weren't top class but then just being there..with your funniest craziest bunch of friends and class mates - dancing , enjoying...being appreciated...it just feels awesome!!

I loved it more when our effort  paid off. Got lots of compliments!! Made my day!

Not just dance. I was even complimented for my dressing :P And that's a rare thing lol
If you were to see me on any other day during college and if you saw me last night - I had a total makeover :D

I dress very casually. Very. So the way I carried myself off last night was different , bolder and hotter :P


I still remember you asked me what makes me happy ?
What I simple question!
I freaking couldn't answer that.I was blank.
I would tell now.
DANCING is one of those things.
Sadly it has conditions. I need a freaking awesome company to enjoy the same.


There's a joke among us friends.
I've become a tea addict. So the day I behave weirdly - they all go like
" Somebody please bring her - her drug " :P
One can actually sense a difference in my attitude after I have my
canteen ki chai ;)


We celebrated my friend's birthday with a luncheon treat at a sexy restaurant.
Yes , people ask me how a restaurant is sexy ?
In case of restraunts , sexy = great food + dashing interiors. When you go like  :
Where the hell was I and why haven't I been here before ?
This is THE place I'm gonna be at for a romantic sexy date :P

We visited an orphanage later in the evening. Donated clothes.
Its a nice feeling being with the kids..playing around with them..talking to them...making them smile..
but you wanna leave as soon as you enter. 
There were a couple of handicapped kids. And it awfully pains to see them.I tried talking to them.But its hard to look them in the eyes and not sympathize.

You feel like someone just punched you in the stomach.

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance!


  1. what a complete makeover of mood from the last post! :D

    Dancing gives a kind of high. Though I am definitely not a dancer per se..but there have been a couple of occasions..when I have danced like crazy...and in a beach club in Amsterdam and on the streets of Zurich..no less :P

    Its good to see you so 'You'!! :D

  2. and forgot to add...all that Dancing I did..was...of course in some great company of friends!:)

  3. I feel all dhinchaak when people write about dancing, irrespective of how much of a pathetic dancer I am -_-
    And chai is your drug? chee. Me is more of a coffee person but then, to each his own ;)

  4. Wow!! Now this was a groovy post. :)

  5. Perfect day :)

    and Boy! Dancing DOES make me happy too. :D *puts on the dancing shoes*


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