Monday, September 5, 2011

Go.Jump. Fly.

Wanna get wild. Do something spontaneously.
Pack bags & leave.
Get an adrenaline rush.Adventure. Thrill!


Take part in a competition and this time bloody WIN it.

Get over that 40% of stage fear I have. I hate it that I fret.


Talk endlessly with friends. And talk different and unusual.

Be unpunctual and enjoy it. For once. The punctuality bug kills me at times.

Stop calculating & comparing the time required to reach a spot via different routes. I always keep debating what could be the better route to commute :P


Breaks my heart to format the mass memory of my phone. Had ALL of my current addictions. Organized playlists for the songs that I listened to while I drove , at home ,  to dance and to sing alongside with full volume.

Ofcourse , I didn't have a backup. The day I plan to backup all the files is the day I delay - and the next day I find the device corrupted.Its like a rule of the great plan of backup.

I keep humming songs all day. AND I also hum the instrumental part - trying to create the sound by clattering my teeth or just voicing :P It irritates the crap out of my friends :D


Its been a long long time I've felt that I've already seen something new - before. That fraction of second that puzzles your conscience. I want that.


Give a kickasss exam & get all the answers right to analytical questions.
Theory is passe.


Its my old lost  ditched love. The art I heart.
Its stupid how I haven't gotten around to watching ANY one of those movies I have made a neat list of.

That's all I want for now. Not too much I guess. And maybe a good cam.
Yes ,  I have to be materialistic :P


  1. then...what you waiting for?? :P

  2. The spontaneity that we have with words often fail to transfer into action... Good luck with doing it all.. doing it all your ur way

  3. Waiting for the exams to get over :D :)

    Thx CynicalOxymoron...I'm sure I'll be able to get things in action. The writing makes it compulsory for me.


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