Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Can we have something NEW ?

I saw bodyguard yesterday. And I  absolutely second someone's thought :
The next gen will make fun of us for making such movies. They will also find it hilarious that it was a box office hit :P

Its pretty funny actually. The fact that such movies are STILL made.

It seems like they found the script after 10 yrs. The concept is old. Its obviously predictable. And uh the action scenes : typical formula : The hero is never hurt. No matter what. He takes over ALL the villains. No matter what.

The only thing good about this movie is the music. And some might say Salman Khan.

But seriously..even for a love story..it hardly manages to be touching.

I won't even call it TIME PASS. Coz its such a waste of time :P


  1. I wonder why u saw it in the 1st place...i knew it was horrible right from the time i saw the promo.

  2. It sure has a rotten end,but at least it ends.

  3. HAHA my mom has been after my life to watch it and told her, i'd rather watch animals excreting/mating/singing on discovery. And the only reason why it sold is , Salman Khan.
    Don't get me started about him. Period.

  4. i have sworn off Salman Khan movies since the last very painful three experiences:(

  5. I loved Bodyguard. For the first time in my life, I felt like hugging Salman Khan. I totally enjoyed watching the film. I didn't get bored at all.

  6. I have not seen last 4 movies of Salman..Wanted, Dabangg, Ready, Bodygaurd. Make it five, if you include Veer. I don't think that I have missed anything, though. I wonder what happened to that guy...he was not that irritable before...

  7. - Ria
    lol I knew that too. ...I was dragged by my cousin to watch it. So I had to bear it :P

    - kiddy
    rotten end..nah.. Its rotten entirely :D

    - Crystal
    LOL :D

    - Suruchi
    :D I too am hellbent on not watching any of his movies henceforth.

    - Swats
    :) Paisa vasool for you :P

    - Kunal
    I've seen only dabang and this one. He isn't irritating. He just acts in movies that I guess wldn't be hits if he weren't in them :O
    And yes..you haven;t missed anything :D :)


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