Thursday, September 8, 2011

The mean blogger's 'examples' :D

Ok so..I've never studied so much in 4 days that which I'm currently doing and its a real brain marathon for me because its roughly been a good 1.5 yrs that I tried 'mugging' for theory subjects that don't make sense - ( as in to write exams for )

I dislike muggers. Coz I  for one cannot mug. And those who can - bloody score well :D

This entire relative grading system is sucking out all our energy. And the fucking outliers of the batch are making things difficult.

Anyhow..coming to the ever-going laughter sessions among friends...

It so happens that my friend sits right in front of me during exams.6 papers down I didn't help him even ONCE. :P I'm so engrossed in writing my own paper ( or in true words so shocked at the fact of being so screwed to unable to right 'non-mugged' answers ) - that I cannot pay attention to anything else.

6 papers!! And he says

"Kyunki har ek friend kameena hota hai " :D lol

My exam classroom has a  glass partition,  with the IT lab on the other side. My friend explains how he is able to turn back , ask the person sitting in the IT lab the question for which he seeks answer - and how the person - all across the other side of the room - tells him the answer. Lip reading.

And 'I' sitting right behind him - do not even whisper a word LOL.

Being the brat that he is - almost every invigilator have their eyes on him.
Not much of an excuse for me :P ...and now I'm known as MEAN.

Oh btw. Talk about examples. I always have something parallel to say when otherwise what is being said is completely understood.

The dumbest example :
Friend L :: You know even N ( extremely  unsocial  [underlined word - I'm really emphasizing ]  in our class ) is on FB.
Me : Uhmm. really..its like how even vendors have cell phones these days :P

LOL. Shoot me.

So these days...whenever anything is being discussed , they holler 
'Oye blogger..EXAMPLE chahiye :P'

:D :D

I have two more papers to write tomorrow. Grrr :|


  1. Lol. that was one fun post for sure.
    I'll have to admit I have been a kick-ass mugger *hides behind the coffee mug*
    Relative grading is good if whole batch decides to bunk an assignment :D
    You should try cheating for once, it is an awesome feeling.
    Example expert haha


  2. I can't mug either...and hence..couldn't get 'those' marks...but..why bother...I got by...everything evens out.... :)

    Good luck for the remaining papers...if you aren't studying..that is what you need..right? Luck :P


  3. Hehehehe..

    The onslaught of the exams, all over again..
    must be quite a change ;)

    All the best for the remaining papers hun..
    I am sure you'll pass with flying colors! :D

  4. I hate muggers too. I kinda suck at it so I always used to wish I could kill them :p
    The example made me laugh :p
    Loved eet!

  5. Yeah i hate muggers!! All the best btw. :)


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