Saturday, September 24, 2011

96 days ago.

So far I know..nothing can possibly fill the void.


Nothing can possibly  FIT for what has been left.

Just find distractions everywhere. Just try being a part of something funny.

It can be tiring. 

And then I'm too fed up to do anything about it.
  Got to make efforts

96 days ago.

My ipod notes read.

Ninety six days ago.

I wrote to myself.

That we always have a choice.

And I meant it every whichever way.

Come to think of it...its between

whether I choose to be sad.

Or I'm ready to look beyond.

Most of the times..state of mind is only but a


My choice ?? does a pendulum dance.

There's too much fooling around.

Fickle mind.

Maybe I just want to shut down for a while.

And reach one person who can tell me 

What the hell am I supposed to do.

Or not.

What on earth am I supposed to feel.

Or not.



  1. I tell you I sure don't seem to FIT in anywhere,do you?

  2. Dont worry..Fitting is not that important as being ur own self...Being urself is more important...
    try checking out my blog and do comment..would luv to hear from u!!

  3. This is 3rd post which I read today...and it has the same feeling written all over it!

    Without Saying your own words - "I'm pretty sure there must have been an instant mood change by just writing it all."

    Feel better? :)

  4. - Kiddy
    I dunno that. This wasn't about my fitting anywhere though.

    - Prateek
    Nahh thats not what I was talking about.

    - Lipsy
    - Ria
    Sabhi k sath hota hai kya :O

    - Kunal
    :) yes it did feel better.

  5. lovely words...nicely crafted lines!


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