Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Apple Analogy

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Human beings should also have been a product of Apple. That way no matter what amount of crap you try downloading in your life , it'll never enter your system. And what cannot enter your life..can never harm you either.

We are more like Windows. Too much problem in the software. Truckloads of virus. And all we do is keep installing anti-virus which too isn't very  reliable. You never know when the system would crash. 

There's only one thing we don't do. Formatting. Erase ALL the bullshit along with the pretty pictures & start afresh.Clean slate.
We wouldn't need it either if only we were Apple made :P

And there's more plus to Apple. The products look dazzling :D
All of them :P :D

Ok I know its a stupid at least don't counter it with gender issues ! lol :D

Saturday, June 25, 2011

June fiasco.

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I can't pass a day without :
Brisk walking.
I feel terrible for my body if I miss working out even one single day.

My sin this month :
Scratched Micra.I was probably imagining  that the car would easily squeeze itself to pass through a small lane with two cars on either sides , lol
I scratched it from both the sides on two such similar imaginations :((
I feel so so so bad but I don't exactly know how to compensate for it.
Its like..until the time I wasn't working out - I wouldn't shop. And just a few days back I decided I'm gonna go on a wild shopping spree.( Since I've been religiously exercising ) But looks like a colorful wardrobe is in danger for now.
Not shopping is my way of penance.

My new priced possession :
My sexy fossil watch. I LOVE it.

Gadget update :
Its sad & funny. My cell phone met with so many accidents , it fractured all its limbs. It was hospitalized & it is recovering for now. But you know about hospital bills , yeah ?!
Plus right now I so badly want a new digi cam - BUT obviously I'm not gonna get one.Not with my poor record.

Turn off of the month :
Wasting printing paper. I hate it when something unnecessary is printed or there is a slight error in every one of those 50 pages that you print - which then you need to re-print.

What I missed :
Kung Fu Panda 3-D. Like crap?! Why did I have to choose X-men over it?!

Monday, June 20, 2011

We always have a Choice

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One of my favorite quotes or dialogue or whatever you may call it comes from the movie Spider man!! ( of all the things on earth! )

When Peter says :

Whatever comes our way, whatever battle we have raging inside us, 
we always have a choice. 
It's the choices that make us who we are, and we can always choose to do what's right. 

 Do we , really ? Always have a choice ? And who knows about right or wrong. Its all relative , right ?

But those very words always ring a bell in my ear. "We always have a choice"

 Just a day before , I was finding it difficult to digest something. To get over something. And I kept sobbing because I couldn't find any other way to channelize my helplessness. 

And today while on my brisk walk  ( I've come to realize my walk always brings good thoughts )
I happened to have found a solution. Or my choice.
I don't have to get over anything. I only have to change my mindset & look things through beautifully.
Strange as it may easy choice is always the one which has too many branches - of sympathy , of dilemma , of doubt , of confusion.
A relatively tough one is what looks unsettling but brings you utmost ease. 

I found my ease. My comfort. Without any sort of pressure , guilt , regret or sadness.
Isn't that great ?? 
Yes  , we do have a choice. And it matters & changes things from what we choose.

 I tend to forget how easy I can make things if I make an effort. Its always tough otherwise.No matter how much anyone would make me understand.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Laughing at lil tragedies :P

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Friend D :
You are one of a kind. A species like the 'mobile phone' repels you!

Friend Z :
Don't you sometimes get the feeling you might be adopted ?

Friend R :
Sad yaar. Ladki sahi hai. Bas galat family mein born ho gayi.

Friend T :
Why are we such idiots ?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Unlocking Rules

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Its good to spill the beans.

To have someone who grasps the meaning of your words exactly how you imply.

Who doesn't read between  lines.

Heck. Its liberating to share secrets. Even though a secret doesn't remain much of a secret once shared!

I was wrong when I thought I can deal with everything by talking myself out.There are chances you could hypnotize yourself as per your convenience. Or worse..make yourself miserable.

Its always better if someone worth knows what you're up to. They can stop you. They can back you.They don't judge you. They guide you.

I may have lost my capacity to be rational. But I know 'you' will always support me. Thanks a lot buddy!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Galactica Cyclone

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Kuala Lumpur

First thing I noticed : There was a clean divide. Either women wore hot pants or burkha! :P
And 80% of them belonged to the first category.
I felt out of place for not wearing hot pants :P
The great privileges of traveling abroad is that you can wear anything & yet not  feel uncomfortable at all! I cannot imagine trotting across the streets  in India wearing shorts -- without being ogled & stared at voyeuristically. Tsk tsk.

We lodged ourselves in the Sunway Pyramids Hotel. Spent a day at Sunway Lagoon - a water park. Its 1/4th that of Water Kingdom :| 
 I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talk ;)
Hotel room. The best one in the trip. :P
This mall was inside the hotel. And I attempted ice skating + managed a good record  : fell only once :P
View from the hotel room
I need a new cam! Oh yeah !! :(
KL tower
Twin Tower. Missed the night view.
Cable car ride to Genting.

 Genting is a time pass place if you ask me :P A hotel with 6000 rooms. Indoor & outdoor theme park. Casino with mostly machine slots :|

I enjoyed the roller coaster ride. It gave me a headache for the rest of the day though :O
And this is the tower ride. Falls down fast. Looks breathtaking & scary. But nothing of the sort that would make you scream your lungs out if you did it.


Spent hardly 2 days in Spore. I did NOT shop Didn't get the time to.(except for buying a super sexy Fossil watch :D ) And I don't understand all the hype about shopping in Singapore. Its mighty expensive!! + you could find a lot of those brands right here in India.
I was looking forward to street shopping & bargaining ! That would have been fun! But we just didn't have time.
Spent a day @ Universal Studios! Its AWESOME! Amazing roller coaster rides.
4-D Shrek show.
 'Revenge of the Mummy' - An unpredictable & superbly designed roller coaster.

Galactica Roller Coaster
Singapore Flyer.
Sentosa is huge.Saw the famous laser show ' Songs of the sea'. It was pretty great.

There isn't anything unique or special to mention about the places I visited. I would have liked few more days in Singapore. There was a lot to explore!

All in all a very tiring trip. Never opt for multiple city/country visits for holidaying. You loose all enthusiasm to click pictures :P

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I need reminders. These thoughts I put on Snooze!

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Lots is happening all together. On almost every front .And as much as I'm much as I'm much as I'm confused...

...I am also trying very hard not to over think .
Not to wonder too much.
Keeping all the thoughts locked.

Because for once...I want to only live the moment.
No What IFs involved. No assumptions what so ever.

Its stupid...I'm stupid to get sentimental & attached about everything & everyone. But what I've learnt move on! From just move on! ( not that you have much of a choice!)

So regardless of whether things may or may not happen . . .just focus on the present. That's where all the value of the moment is. Not so much while replaying it.
After all moments are not memories. Memories are past moments.
Instead of thinking about the WHAT IF's ..why not just be there & dive into the current happenings ?! Coz thinking & wondering only makes things worse - not so much harm for the analysis but for the time that you swap away from the present.

And it would be a shame if I did not learn to obediently  live by that simple & most stated yet underrated phenomenon : Live in the moment. Commemorate!

Yes there are people who inspire me.  Not necessarily extraordinary people. But ordinary people who are special in their own ways .

And if I do not change , it would really really be a shame.

*** I'm off for a home-away vacation! I needed a vacation from my vacation :P
Hoping to have the time & energy to pen down my travelogue while on the move.
But first - I need to pack my bags!