Friday, June 17, 2011

Unlocking Rules

Its good to spill the beans.

To have someone who grasps the meaning of your words exactly how you imply.

Who doesn't read between  lines.

Heck. Its liberating to share secrets. Even though a secret doesn't remain much of a secret once shared!

I was wrong when I thought I can deal with everything by talking myself out.There are chances you could hypnotize yourself as per your convenience. Or worse..make yourself miserable.

Its always better if someone worth knows what you're up to. They can stop you. They can back you.They don't judge you. They guide you.

I may have lost my capacity to be rational. But I know 'you' will always support me. Thanks a lot buddy!!


  1. Glad to knw tht u hav such a buddy.

  2. 'They don't judge you. They guide you.'
    I wish...

    I miss my school friends! :'(

  3. Don't worry. You have support from all of us! We don't want you to make yourself miserable!


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