Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Apple Analogy

Human beings should also have been a product of Apple. That way no matter what amount of crap you try downloading in your life , it'll never enter your system. And what cannot enter your life..can never harm you either.

We are more like Windows. Too much problem in the software. Truckloads of virus. And all we do is keep installing anti-virus which too isn't very  reliable. You never know when the system would crash. 

There's only one thing we don't do. Formatting. Erase ALL the bullshit along with the pretty pictures & start afresh.Clean slate.
We wouldn't need it either if only we were Apple made :P

And there's more plus to Apple. The products look dazzling :D
All of them :P :D

Ok I know its a stupid at least don't counter it with gender issues ! lol :D


  1. :D
    At times, I want that Mind swapping thing done they did in the movie 'Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind'. :D

    Also, Apple is Apple. *proud owner* :D

  2. You know there's a new virus which has been targeting apple products. At least with windows we knew to get anti-virus.

    Sorry for the above, but I do get the analogy :)


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