Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I need reminders. These thoughts I put on Snooze!

Lots is happening all together. On almost every front .And as much as I'm much as I'm much as I'm confused...

...I am also trying very hard not to over think .
Not to wonder too much.
Keeping all the thoughts locked.

Because for once...I want to only live the moment.
No What IFs involved. No assumptions what so ever.

Its stupid...I'm stupid to get sentimental & attached about everything & everyone. But what I've learnt move on! From just move on! ( not that you have much of a choice!)

So regardless of whether things may or may not happen . . .just focus on the present. That's where all the value of the moment is. Not so much while replaying it.
After all moments are not memories. Memories are past moments.
Instead of thinking about the WHAT IF's ..why not just be there & dive into the current happenings ?! Coz thinking & wondering only makes things worse - not so much harm for the analysis but for the time that you swap away from the present.

And it would be a shame if I did not learn to obediently  live by that simple & most stated yet underrated phenomenon : Live in the moment. Commemorate!

Yes there are people who inspire me.  Not necessarily extraordinary people. But ordinary people who are special in their own ways .

And if I do not change , it would really really be a shame.

*** I'm off for a home-away vacation! I needed a vacation from my vacation :P
Hoping to have the time & energy to pen down my travelogue while on the move.
But first - I need to pack my bags!


  1. Absolutely agreed... sometimes its best to cherish the present moment especially when the brain is too cluttered..
    anyways happy vacationing :) :)

  2. Living by the moment is indeed the gist of life :)



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