Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Galactica Cyclone

Kuala Lumpur

First thing I noticed : There was a clean divide. Either women wore hot pants or burkha! :P
And 80% of them belonged to the first category.
I felt out of place for not wearing hot pants :P
The great privileges of traveling abroad is that you can wear anything & yet not  feel uncomfortable at all! I cannot imagine trotting across the streets  in India wearing shorts -- without being ogled & stared at voyeuristically. Tsk tsk.

We lodged ourselves in the Sunway Pyramids Hotel. Spent a day at Sunway Lagoon - a water park. Its 1/4th that of Water Kingdom :| 
 I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talk ;)
Hotel room. The best one in the trip. :P
This mall was inside the hotel. And I attempted ice skating + managed a good record  : fell only once :P
View from the hotel room
I need a new cam! Oh yeah !! :(
KL tower
Twin Tower. Missed the night view.
Cable car ride to Genting.

 Genting is a time pass place if you ask me :P A hotel with 6000 rooms. Indoor & outdoor theme park. Casino with mostly machine slots :|

I enjoyed the roller coaster ride. It gave me a headache for the rest of the day though :O
And this is the tower ride. Falls down fast. Looks breathtaking & scary. But nothing of the sort that would make you scream your lungs out if you did it.


Spent hardly 2 days in Spore. I did NOT shop Didn't get the time to.(except for buying a super sexy Fossil watch :D ) And I don't understand all the hype about shopping in Singapore. Its mighty expensive!! + you could find a lot of those brands right here in India.
I was looking forward to street shopping & bargaining ! That would have been fun! But we just didn't have time.
Spent a day @ Universal Studios! Its AWESOME! Amazing roller coaster rides.
4-D Shrek show.
 'Revenge of the Mummy' - An unpredictable & superbly designed roller coaster.

Galactica Roller Coaster
Singapore Flyer.
Sentosa is huge.Saw the famous laser show ' Songs of the sea'. It was pretty great.

There isn't anything unique or special to mention about the places I visited. I would have liked few more days in Singapore. There was a lot to explore!

All in all a very tiring trip. Never opt for multiple city/country visits for holidaying. You loose all enthusiasm to click pictures :P


  1. I've just two words to say to you: I'm envious. :D

    I missed reading ur blog. :)

  2. Haha :D nothing to be envious of...except the roller coaster rides :D



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