Saturday, June 25, 2011

June fiasco.

I can't pass a day without :
Brisk walking.
I feel terrible for my body if I miss working out even one single day.

My sin this month :
Scratched Micra.I was probably imagining  that the car would easily squeeze itself to pass through a small lane with two cars on either sides , lol
I scratched it from both the sides on two such similar imaginations :((
I feel so so so bad but I don't exactly know how to compensate for it.
Its like..until the time I wasn't working out - I wouldn't shop. And just a few days back I decided I'm gonna go on a wild shopping spree.( Since I've been religiously exercising ) But looks like a colorful wardrobe is in danger for now.
Not shopping is my way of penance.

My new priced possession :
My sexy fossil watch. I LOVE it.

Gadget update :
Its sad & funny. My cell phone met with so many accidents , it fractured all its limbs. It was hospitalized & it is recovering for now. But you know about hospital bills , yeah ?!
Plus right now I so badly want a new digi cam - BUT obviously I'm not gonna get one.Not with my poor record.

Turn off of the month :
Wasting printing paper. I hate it when something unnecessary is printed or there is a slight error in every one of those 50 pages that you print - which then you need to re-print.

What I missed :
Kung Fu Panda 3-D. Like crap?! Why did I have to choose X-men over it?!


  1. You didn't like X-Men:First Class? I almost take personal offence to that :)

    PS: I think Kung Fu Panda is still running in some theaters. At least in Bombay it is.

  2. Oh no, the scratched Micra sounds depressing. I too feel very bad when such things happen but just get it out of your system now. It's over.

    What's the brand of the fossil watch you've mentioned? Am not familiar with these brands, so was wondering. Maybe you should write something on these trends. We hardly know of them.

  3. U walk everyday? That's amazing..I need motivation to work out..I've become tooo lazy n lethargic..I at least hv a skipping rope..naturally, I don't use it often :P

  4. i started watching dexter. it's awesome. :D

  5. U must watch Kung Fu Panda 2, Po is absolutely adorable. :) Good luck with the walking.

  6. I really wish I have self-discipline to work-out! :( Until I magically inherit it, I will be the lazy bum I am. Kudos on the Fossil watch, they r truly sexy.

  7. kung fu panda was gr8.. bad u missed it.. as for x-men not bad.. i really liked d way u hav written ur post.. :) d apple analogy too.. :) nice comparisons.. :)
    take care...


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