Monday, February 23, 2009

Specially special day!

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I still wonder what was so great about it that it won the Oscar but since it has , I'd rather shut my mouth up & stop criticizing because the world loved it & so did the jury at Oscar.
I'm happy for India.For India's music :))

Ever since my school days , I've always had bunch of real foriegn-material mates who always thought that the ones who listened to English music were 'cool' & the one who listened to our very hindi music were lame.I listen to both the western & Indian music & I feel that knowing a language which explores the art of music is a bonus point for us.So hello you Indian-western-geeks , what are you waiting for ?
In fact I think anybody who knows Hindi , anywhere around the world should appreciate & start listening to Hindi music because its superb!

At least now these foreign-oriented-driven will start looking up at Indian music.
Thanks to Rahman!
Cheers to Rahman !

I'm desperate to watch the other Oscar nominated movies specially The curious Case of Benjamin Button.It looks like an interesting movie with the story of a man aging backwards.
Kahan kahan se log kya kya soch ke kya kya banate hai ??

Also I'm again getting back to my mode of I-wanna-pursue-film-direction.
Again looking at NYFA prospectus.Whistling Woods.Movies movies & more movies.
All Because I'm back to being the academic black sheep of my super-talented academic family!
God help me!

Oh & today after so many years , I've kept fast ( counts for a really special day!) I'm not the one against it but was never forced to keep fast all these years & when I really wanted to ..I'd come to know of it almost after half the day would pass!
So today being a really special day , I hope some miracle occurs :P
This year I'll keep almost all possible fast as I have my inter exams.I'm mean!

"Don't believe in miracles - RELY on them." I read this somewhere long time back.
Thats what I do all the time!
Ok , I think God should really really be kind to me.

I'm hungry & its pretty ironic that the day you keep fast is the day you desperately want to eat Pizza!
God??? HELP ME!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Season of weddings

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Went to a schoolmate's brother's wedding reception yesterday.Except the food , everything bout the evening was great!
My outfit was good.I didn't wear something totally off-beat & weird this time.Thank God!

Caught up with school friends.One of them said , " You are looking different."
These days whenever someone says to me that 'you've changed' or 'you are looking different' , I feel tempted to ask if its for the good or bad ! Specially after this episode.
Good is what I got in reply.
I felt great after hearing that! In fact , even before moving out of the house , I looked myself into the mirror for an unusually long time & really did say to myself - Good! :P

I've always felt a little left out as far as looks are concerned because I've always had gorgeous friends & cousins too.I don't think of myself as 'bad looking'.I'm just not that much pretty.
But yesterday , I could compliment myself GOOD! :P

Ok the food..there were so many dishes that I had to plan out what to eat & what no to.When I decided what to eat - I had to plan the quantity of dish-intake :P
We first had the meal which was good.Moved onto snacks.Nothing interesting.Switched to some sweets.Nothing of that tasted sweet.I doubted if my taste-buds are on vacation.
Desert- YUCK! Two flavors from Naturals ( Mumbai famous ) & THAT was yuck ?? huh ? Sad!

I had fun last evening.Not the extreme kind of fun , but was happy being there.
And as always , my cousins & I had to discuss chartered accountancy, lol.
Shaadi mein bhi woh topic nahi chorte yaar ?! :S

I've been jobless for past couple of weeks.Maybe even months.No classes & No office.
This is my 7th post this month making me the Goddess of the Jobless!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The guilty growl

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I wonder what'll happen when I start earning.

I'm such a miser , already!

Argh & I regret spending so much money on shopping , specially when I think what I bought wasn't worth it :| & also that I'm never going to wear those outfits again! Yeah , the latter one is no less than an albatross around my neck.


My stomach churns.Seriously!

Guilty Guilty Guilty Guilty


What an irresponsible shopping!


Why doesn't someone buy all of that stuff from me & pay me back the equal amount ?!
So that I can finally buy some gorgeous fashionable non-faux-pas-pro dresses ?

Ps - What I bought isn't crap.It just didn't seem apt at any event.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

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I read this somewhere online -

"The reason I've been depressed over the past few weeks is because I cannot blame anything on Bush anymore."

Got me chuckling ;)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

19 = 16

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19 = 16 >> I'm all the same @19 as I was when I was 16.So I feel 16 only.I was & am a short-tempered person.Loved dancing & still do but nowadays I've become conscious of it.I'm no less lazier.' More of a movie critic than before.I HAVE to read reviews by diff critics of every movie releasing every week.Then I watch the movie if I feel its worth it.Then I have my own opinion about the movie.When someone asks me 'how's that movie' , I give such mixed complicated answers that they swear never to ask me such a thing ever again , lol.

I'm a sucker for English & I think from when I was 16 till here , there has been a change in my writing skills.Am definitely not good at decorative writings but I'm happy that I've improved over the years.My English sucked in school.And I don't know how the change began.I never deliberately made an attempt in improving my just seems to have happened by itself over time :) I'm thankful to Donna for putting me into the habit of reading! I'm thankful to school friends who've been an inspiration to me as far as language is concerned.
The funny part is my father still thinks that I'm very poor in English.Probably because we do not speak much in English & of course he hasn't read much of what I write anywhere.The funniest thing about this already funny part is whenever I try to prove dad that I'm not so very bad with my language skills - I create blunder.I'd give the wrong meaning , I'd use the wrong words , I'd pronounce absurdly.I feel irritated then.My cousins too seem to have under-estimated me.But sometime back they complimented me for the testimonials they read which I'd written.And that too in front of dad ;) :D One of the heavy burdens on my shoulders just evaporated :))

I was & am an introvert.Its not that I do not have much to talk about , I just don't like to talk crap.And there's just so much of it people talk of all the time.Discussing movies, music , shopping , books is on the top of my list.Apart from that anything interesting going around the world attracts me.As far as little gossips of local scandals are concerned , I listen ; mostly avoid ; rarely comment & always try to forget.Why to keep such trash in head ??
I'm shy too.I always was.Thats the reason I do not have many friends.You've really got to be outgoing if you've gotta make friends.This is one of the things I'd really like myself to be.But I won't make a desperate attempt - It fits perfect when it happens naturally :)

I'm & was an average student but have the potential of being intelligent ;)
Smartness is something you evolve with in time if not naturally talented with it , isn't it ?
I feel special.Sometimes I don't when I realize I do not have too many friends & the fact is Life is Great when your Friends become family & family become Friends :)) - I read this somewhere , whosoever said that is abs right!
I feel special for having a special father & brother .They are the two most important people in my life.They always were.Mum's my mum , so she's special too.I have few special friends & cousins too.

I do not want the equation [19 = 16] to remain constant i.e say when I'm 22 ?
22 =19 =16
I want to see myself as a much more confident , outgoing , cool headed, intelligent , beautiful , fashionable person who knows how to keep herself happy ALL the time.
I want to be around extremely genuine , & selfless people ( inclusive of little selfishness which everyone is embedded with )
I want to travel more , be rich to live a comfortable life , utilize every second of my life & make it special.
I would like to learn lots of foriegn languages too.I'd continue reading great books & make friends.
I want to be as fit as a fiddle.
I'm looking forward to encounter & enjoy the variables of my life's equation.
Good luck chicka!

Chicka - Spanish for Girl :P

Friday, February 6, 2009

Being Nineteen!

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I've officially turned 19 today!! :)
.....that wasn't a real smile.Turning older isn't ecstatic. But I'm still happy because its totally MY DAY!! :)) And moreover I still feel 16 :P
Ok so unofficially I'm already 19 years + few months old i.e according to my passport birthday :P
And according to my Hindi calender b'day , I'll turn 19 in a fortnight :D
But since the world celebrates birthday only acc to the REAL English calender birthday.Today is the day! *cheers* lol

My birthday kicked off really well ! :)) 6 of my cousins , 4 of them my first cousins made a conference call to me. I couldn't stop laughing for the first 2 minutes of the call.It was so overwhelming.. All of 'em singing the b'day song for me , giggling - harmonical chaos :D
We all talked for 34 mins & with 7 people in all speaking on phone , it was definitely a total mess.But I soooo enjoyed it! What more do you want at midnight ?? :P

And of course there was the bullying session that went on.Not mine.This other cousin of mine whom we all love to rag! Then I had to remind them all that its MY birthday & not the bully day.So they hopped back to me asking me my bday resolution :S
I kicked the conversation back to the bully cousin :D lol What resolutions on bday ?? Study more ?? Nah! I cannot do that! :P

So far so school friends seem to have forgotten to wish me :| most of them always wish me midnight.Hmm I'm still waiting for their calls!
Apart from that 2 of my friends actually forgot my b'day.And I knew they would.So I texted them " Whats today ? 6th of Feb , my b'day! SO WISH ME!"
With apologies they wished me.I didn't want to hear sorry.I just KNEW they wouldn't remember to call me & hence I reminded them. Chill buddies ;) It doesn't hurt me when these close ones do not wish.Simply because I know they genuinely forgot to wish me.However it hurts me when some other cousins do not call me even though I know that they are not the ones who would make an effort in remembering to wish me.Strange!
I better forget their birthdays.But no matter how hard I try ..I always remember birthdays.

Yes yes..I'm super-hyper today lol!

Its just mid-day.There's lot more for today.No partying though.I do not enjoy partying anymore.Not after last year's bday bash fiasco that landed me up in heavy bill in spite of it being a combined party :(

Coming back to feeling 16.... be continued..

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Much ado about..something BUT too much!

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I finally watched slumdog & I'm still not sure if I should call it good or bad.
First things first : My logic on this movie about how it hit a jackpot all around the world - the foriegn audience have prolly never had a doze of slum..slumdog & a slumdog millionaire on that!
But for the Indian audience , it wasn't anything out of the world.We've seen Indian slums in a number of movies & although I would agree to the fact that the slums have been captured well in this movie but it wasn't anything stunning.Of course , how can watching slums be delightful anyway ? :|
I've read a lot of directors in India saying the movie could have been made better.But thats far away from the point.The movie is just right in its place , with the kind of story it revolves around.I don't think anybody could have made it 'better'.And somewhere I'm really thankful no Indian director ever made it or else we would have to watch a 3 hr slum tour with all kind of predictable & imaginable crap.

As for showcasing India as a poor country , I'm not going to be judgmental on that note.The movie's prime subject is a boy living in slum , so I don't know why people were expecting to see palaces! Just one of those things that would hit you hard being an Indian is where the boy's beaten & he says to the tourists "You wanted to see India.THIS is India." No! Thats not just India.If you happen to notice the backdrop of that scene , then maybe you'll know that if such kind of fraud were to take place anywhere in the world , regardless of who the boy is , he would have been hit anyway.So somewhere down the line , I'm not even against that dialogue.
I mean after watching this movie , if any foreigner has any doubts regarding WHAT is India , then they shall might wanna come down & see it for themselves!
A movie cannot become a warning footnote against a country! Or it may..but cannot be too influential. I hope so!

The fast pace , screenplay , editing & the background score is what kept me hooked.Lets put the background music first.It fits in perfectly with each scene & situation & thus makes the movie interesting! The star cast is good.Specially (mostly only) the children.
I wonder why is everyone Freida Pinto-ing ? That girl was a waste of space on that 70 mm screen.She had fingertip-countable dialogues to blurt out with a few smiles & frowns.Even Jiah Khan could have done that :P
No , I'm kidding.She wouldn't have ,lol.But seriosuly that Pinto chick was seen only for a short while in the movie towards the climax & everybody on earth wants to know who she is.I guess thats what a HIT movie is.Even slums become as famous as Eiffel Towers ;)
Dev Patel plays a fair role.He's the millionaire slumdog , so lets spare him from harsh comments.

Overall its a not that bad a movie.It has its funny moments , charm & anxiety but I don't see why it would make it to the Oscars.And if it does ( for best movie) , it would be surprising.
Jai Ho is a lovely song.Quite a different style of music from Rahman if we track down his past records.But its not the best from him.I love the songs from the movies Jodha Akbar , Guru & Jaane tu ya jaane na.Jai ho doesn't beat them all.It first sounded like a mixture of few songs compared to Rahman's other songs which tune into a persistent boundary of frequency.But its just as great as the other ones.
So on those lines , he should have got the acknowledgment long time back ;)

Movie-trick of the year ?
Get noticed by a British/American producer.
Make a film based on India & in India.
DO sign Rahman.
Grab the awards.
Cash in the money.
But first , GET NOTICED !
Do NOT make the mistake of making a movie under an Indian producer , because we all can smell some partiality on international front.
( Truth of the fact - If the movie were made by Indian co. , I don't think they would have selected it for Oscars ..isn't it ? )

Monday, February 2, 2009

Cheesy shockers!

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Engineering colleges do look like fun to me now.
One of my friend's who's into one of these was telling me about the activities that are going on in & around their college.
They've got the cult fest , Fantastic 4 & other stuff like Roadies.
They've got Blind Dating as well.
Now thats something.I was wondering how the management of coll approved to that ACTIVITY, lol.
And that reminds of a drama that took place few weeks ago in another engineering college here.A guy tried to smooch a girl in front of the whole class while the lecture was going on.LOL
Usually guys dare to ask for friendships , a little more dare to ask for date & so on..but this was quite shocking & hilarious too.
I mean this guy just stormed into the middle of the lecture & without giving a heed to the prof's words , grabbed the girl & tried smooching her.The other students caught hold of him.
He was beaten real bad. lol

Ok such incidents remind me of my school life too.There was this super brainy boy in my class who had actually gone insane in our 9th grade.He would behave weirdly , disturb others & 'fly' around.Fly around as in stretch both of his arms & run here & there.It was so funny watching him do all these things.Sad too as he was one of the most brilliant students.Don't know what exactly happened to him that he turned into a moron , an insane moron.But he wasn't funny anymore.We were all pretty scared of him after an infamous incident.
He spanked the butts of a one my batch-mates while she was walking down the corridor.Then he said ' You've got hard ones'.
we were so shocked that we made sure we never hang around him.I mean how could he do that ??? And the teachers did nothing.Everyday he used to undergo 2 hrs of counseling & our school never threw him out :|

And another shocking incident in the history of my school was when a girl's nude pics were up on orkut. :|
I came to know of this one year later.It was after my 10th grade.This girl , sadly ,was my close friend in my 7th or 8th grade.But later on she started flirting with guys & had all the arrogance & drama on this world associated with her. She had become slutty , I hate to say that , but I hate her to be able to say that.So I distanced myself from her & in the last 2 years of my school life , I rarely talked to her in spite of the fact that she was in my class.But anyway , rumors were that she lost her virginity.At that time , NOBODY in school talked with her.The pics on orkut were photo shopped.Be it anything , that was an obvious disgrace.
She's been with the wrong guys I suppose :(

God bless 'em all!