Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So dance , dance , like its the last , last night you your life , life...

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...Coz baby tonight the DJ got us* falling in love again

( *with dance :P )

We had a ROCKING installation program  at college.
Totally enjoyed the entire process.
Selecting songs..setting the dance , practicing and performing  - in flat 2 days.
+ getting a dozen compliments and hooting :P

It was amazing! :D
We , the bunch of six , set the stage on fire :P

I took part in the fashion show as well. Our theme was Bikers !
That too was kickass :P

The arrangements weren't top class but then just being there..with your funniest craziest bunch of friends and class mates - dancing , enjoying...being appreciated...it just feels awesome!!

I loved it more when our effort  paid off. Got lots of compliments!! Made my day!

Not just dance. I was even complimented for my dressing :P And that's a rare thing lol
If you were to see me on any other day during college and if you saw me last night - I had a total makeover :D

I dress very casually. Very. So the way I carried myself off last night was different , bolder and hotter :P


I still remember you asked me what makes me happy ?
What I simple question!
I freaking couldn't answer that.I was blank.
I would tell now.
DANCING is one of those things.
Sadly it has conditions. I need a freaking awesome company to enjoy the same.


There's a joke among us friends.
I've become a tea addict. So the day I behave weirdly - they all go like
" Somebody please bring her - her drug " :P
One can actually sense a difference in my attitude after I have my
canteen ki chai ;)


We celebrated my friend's birthday with a luncheon treat at a sexy restaurant.
Yes , people ask me how a restaurant is sexy ?
In case of restraunts , sexy = great food + dashing interiors. When you go like  :
Where the hell was I and why haven't I been here before ?
This is THE place I'm gonna be at for a romantic sexy date :P

We visited an orphanage later in the evening. Donated clothes.
Its a nice feeling being with the kids..playing around with them..talking to them...making them smile..
but you wanna leave as soon as you enter. 
There were a couple of handicapped kids. And it awfully pains to see them.I tried talking to them.But its hard to look them in the eyes and not sympathize.

You feel like someone just punched you in the stomach.

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

96 days ago.

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So far I know..nothing can possibly fill the void.


Nothing can possibly  FIT for what has been left.

Just find distractions everywhere. Just try being a part of something funny.

It can be tiring. 

And then I'm too fed up to do anything about it.
  Got to make efforts

96 days ago.

My ipod notes read.

Ninety six days ago.

I wrote to myself.

That we always have a choice.

And I meant it every whichever way.

Come to think of it...its between

whether I choose to be sad.

Or I'm ready to look beyond.

Most of the times..state of mind is only but a


My choice ?? does a pendulum dance.

There's too much fooling around.

Fickle mind.

Maybe I just want to shut down for a while.

And reach one person who can tell me 

What the hell am I supposed to do.

Or not.

What on earth am I supposed to feel.

Or not.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Can we have something NEW ?

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I saw bodyguard yesterday. And I  absolutely second someone's thought :
The next gen will make fun of us for making such movies. They will also find it hilarious that it was a box office hit :P

Its pretty funny actually. The fact that such movies are STILL made.

It seems like they found the script after 10 yrs. The concept is old. Its obviously predictable. And uh the action scenes : typical formula : The hero is never hurt. No matter what. He takes over ALL the villains. No matter what.

The only thing good about this movie is the music. And some might say Salman Khan.

But seriously..even for a love story..it hardly manages to be touching.

I won't even call it TIME PASS. Coz its such a waste of time :P

Friday, September 16, 2011

In your genes..or not.

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 We've been taught. We've learnt and we see it - Everything can be earned by hard work / money etc.

However these five 'powers' must be possessed by default - which if I'm not wrong..cannot be earned or gained.

Exceptional talent.
There's no way you can move ahead in this mad world without an ounce of talent. Yes you need to work hard , I get that..but without talent..all hard work would be sloshed away. Its a mad world , remember !

There's nothing like a fit and healthy body. Infact nothing compared to having an extremely good metabolism. You get to eat all the junk on earth - yet you look all the same , all the time :P ;)

Beauty / Looks WITH brains
I keep debating whether looks are important or not. And yes while inner beauty counts and most of us feel we are beautiful inside ( why would anyone say that he/she is an ugly person ? :P) - the truth is - yes.. lets face it - looks matter.
But all looks..and no brains is such a waste ;)

I've never been able to fully decipher the concept of destiny and all that jazz...because maybe its for weaker hearts. Maybe only those people who see some hope in their otherwise screwed up life - talk about it all the time.( Like I do it..when I see no other reason for having such hopeless situations in life - and thus conveniently blaming bad luck )
But on the basis of random sampling ; picking up people's story from my life - Luck is that intangible magic which can change things overnight.
And sometimes when nothing counts - luck does.

And then..two most important things in life- Family and friends.
While friends can be 'earned' over time and you also get to choose them...there are only a handful of them who really really are your 'friends'. Rest of them just form the 'crowd' ;) in both sense :P
You never get to choose family :D
So another one of those powers you probably need to be born with - or rather born in :P

And its funny how it would all ultimately correlate to luck. Good friends , family , intelligence , looks , talent - they call you 'lucky' then :P

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The mean blogger's 'examples' :D

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Ok so..I've never studied so much in 4 days that which I'm currently doing and its a real brain marathon for me because its roughly been a good 1.5 yrs that I tried 'mugging' for theory subjects that don't make sense - ( as in to write exams for )

I dislike muggers. Coz I  for one cannot mug. And those who can - bloody score well :D

This entire relative grading system is sucking out all our energy. And the fucking outliers of the batch are making things difficult.

Anyhow..coming to the ever-going laughter sessions among friends...

It so happens that my friend sits right in front of me during exams.6 papers down I didn't help him even ONCE. :P I'm so engrossed in writing my own paper ( or in true words so shocked at the fact of being so screwed to unable to right 'non-mugged' answers ) - that I cannot pay attention to anything else.

6 papers!! And he says

"Kyunki har ek friend kameena hota hai " :D lol

My exam classroom has a  glass partition,  with the IT lab on the other side. My friend explains how he is able to turn back , ask the person sitting in the IT lab the question for which he seeks answer - and how the person - all across the other side of the room - tells him the answer. Lip reading.

And 'I' sitting right behind him - do not even whisper a word LOL.

Being the brat that he is - almost every invigilator have their eyes on him.
Not much of an excuse for me :P ...and now I'm known as MEAN.

Oh btw. Talk about examples. I always have something parallel to say when otherwise what is being said is completely understood.

The dumbest example :
Friend L :: You know even N ( extremely  unsocial  [underlined word - I'm really emphasizing ]  in our class ) is on FB.
Me : Uhmm. really..its like how even vendors have cell phones these days :P

LOL. Shoot me.

So these days...whenever anything is being discussed , they holler 
'Oye blogger..EXAMPLE chahiye :P'

:D :D

I have two more papers to write tomorrow. Grrr :|

Monday, September 5, 2011

Go.Jump. Fly.

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Wanna get wild. Do something spontaneously.
Pack bags & leave.
Get an adrenaline rush.Adventure. Thrill!


Take part in a competition and this time bloody WIN it.

Get over that 40% of stage fear I have. I hate it that I fret.


Talk endlessly with friends. And talk different and unusual.

Be unpunctual and enjoy it. For once. The punctuality bug kills me at times.

Stop calculating & comparing the time required to reach a spot via different routes. I always keep debating what could be the better route to commute :P


Breaks my heart to format the mass memory of my phone. Had ALL of my current addictions. Organized playlists for the songs that I listened to while I drove , at home ,  to dance and to sing alongside with full volume.

Ofcourse , I didn't have a backup. The day I plan to backup all the files is the day I delay - and the next day I find the device corrupted.Its like a rule of the great plan of backup.

I keep humming songs all day. AND I also hum the instrumental part - trying to create the sound by clattering my teeth or just voicing :P It irritates the crap out of my friends :D


Its been a long long time I've felt that I've already seen something new - before. That fraction of second that puzzles your conscience. I want that.


Give a kickasss exam & get all the answers right to analytical questions.
Theory is passe.


Its my old lost  ditched love. The art I heart.
Its stupid how I haven't gotten around to watching ANY one of those movies I have made a neat list of.

That's all I want for now. Not too much I guess. And maybe a good cam.
Yes ,  I have to be materialistic :P

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lets make it an easy exam.

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There is a mysterious force that keeps me glued to you.
That makes you my magnet.
That doesn't let me let go.

No matter how hard I try.

I only pretend to try.
Because deep down..
I don't wanna let go.

** My story is not a love story.
My story won't have a happy ending.
It demands not to end.

Strangely its the imperfection that loops me into the cyclone of affection over & again only to be left withered and lovelorn.
 Its the imperfection that drives me more to reach a point of a single moment that is perfect ; perfect bliss.

Unrequited love hurts.But the phenomenon of loving someone without being in love..without having a reason makes my story special.

 My story concludes that attachment is a bad thing to happen & its a tedious task to write off the same.
A disease that has no medication except maybe learning to be immune.

Parallel story tells that time changes things. Time improves them too. And there won't be any hard feelings.
But until then I have to survive an amalgamation of butterflies & occasional heartbreaks.
I have to survive being selfish or being a fool.
I have to survive sailing through a storm. 

And I might not even  reach a beautiful island.I already know that. There are no promises , at all.

But I'm sticking to this because all my resolutions of giving up fail with one step from your side.
That doesn't make me weak. I guess accepting my defeat over you in itself makes it all the more easy. 

 Being so serious was never the plan. Its going to suck later - so why feel the pain in advance ??

I want to regain my humor. My story needs that.

But most of all - my story needs you.