Monday, June 20, 2011

We always have a Choice

One of my favorite quotes or dialogue or whatever you may call it comes from the movie Spider man!! ( of all the things on earth! )

When Peter says :

Whatever comes our way, whatever battle we have raging inside us, 
we always have a choice. 
It's the choices that make us who we are, and we can always choose to do what's right. 

 Do we , really ? Always have a choice ? And who knows about right or wrong. Its all relative , right ?

But those very words always ring a bell in my ear. "We always have a choice"

 Just a day before , I was finding it difficult to digest something. To get over something. And I kept sobbing because I couldn't find any other way to channelize my helplessness. 

And today while on my brisk walk  ( I've come to realize my walk always brings good thoughts )
I happened to have found a solution. Or my choice.
I don't have to get over anything. I only have to change my mindset & look things through beautifully.
Strange as it may easy choice is always the one which has too many branches - of sympathy , of dilemma , of doubt , of confusion.
A relatively tough one is what looks unsettling but brings you utmost ease. 

I found my ease. My comfort. Without any sort of pressure , guilt , regret or sadness.
Isn't that great ?? 
Yes  , we do have a choice. And it matters & changes things from what we choose.

 I tend to forget how easy I can make things if I make an effort. Its always tough otherwise.No matter how much anyone would make me understand.


  1. Love those lines from Spiderman. So deep and meaningful.

  2. I love all the dialogues from spider-man...very true n meaningful! however I am more inquisitive about wht ur problem was......... :P

  3. hi, i regularly read your post coz i feel u make a lot of sense!:-)

    but i am compelled to say here that we don't ALWAYS have a choice!
    sometimes we want to take another decision but the force of family or loved ones or righteousness forces us to go the other way. so even if there is an outside illusion that WE are taking a decision-often decisions are already taken!

    or maybe this is a subjective issue like many others:-)
    glad u found you way!:-)

  4. True. We do have a choice but the process of choosing is exhausting. so i usually just go with the flow :P thats probably the reason behind my several unresolved issues.

  5. i do agree,we do ALWAYS have a choice but circumstances at times dont let us choose them and make us go the other way,willingly or unwillingly,thats the only choice we are left with even the choice we want to choose exists all wide open.

  6. This has to be my most favorite post of all times... :) :)

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience here... helped me to an extent.. :P

  7. Yeah i love that line too! Its like my life's mantra off-late.
    Yes we ALWAYS have a choice. And it is all in the mind. So if we really want to get over something, we can. :)

  8. - Ria
    Yeah :)

    - Ruth

    - Suruchi
    Hey , I'm one of those silent readers of your blog. Abs love your posts :)
    That's true. Sometimes we are forced or the choice is already made. But then ..there is still a choice of taking it spiritedly or cursing your life :)

    - Felicity
    :D Yes it is exhausting. But then you've gotta be ready with your decision. There's a deadline to everything.

    - Wordsinvoiced
    Yep. That's the toughest.

    - Me

    - Harini
    Yep that's about it. All in the head ;)


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