Monday, October 3, 2011


I have a gut feeling that unless I learn to buy a gadget all by myself - it is not going to survive!

So I broke the touch screen of my x6 , again :P

Which stupid person on earth does garba while keeping the cell phone in one hand and clapping over it ? :P

I did :|

I had a great tiring dancing weekend. And I was obviously turned off for killing my cell phone.

Most of my friends and cousins think that I've become very self absorbed. I don't involve much in talks. I don't respond well. And the truth is I know that. But I'm not willing to do anything about it.

I'm very irritated and I don't have any specific reason for the same.And I'm not sorry for my behavior.

I want people to stop talking to me if they have issues with me.I cannot entertain complaints for now
because I'll be my old self again in some time.
I don't have the energy to explain. My mind's already quite screwed up.

Anyway..coming back to Garba..this time it was quite a disappointment. The crowd wasn't as rocking. The arrangements were annoying.

Its so weird and ironic. The things you always wanted to be a part never could because there were restrictions.
And now when you have the are not THAT inclined towards it.

Everything has a timing.

If you didn't make it might as well do someday..
odds will loose its charm.


  1. haha :D tellme about the phone murder, I'm afraid my phone might some day develop feet and run away from my hand :D

  2. Aah...happens to the most of us. Hope u get the screen fixed soon. And well, u need not explain urself to anybody. I m sure ppl close to u wud knw how you are, so they wudnt question u, right?

  3. did garba with the phone in your hand...awwwww, but when we need the phone-we just need the phone:-)

    and we should never be apologetic about how we feel...we just feel-if we could change that so easily, feelings would be called dresses...huh, what am i talking?
    i guess i am feeling just as much in no talking mode:-)

  4. We all go through these emotional rollercoaster rides and curious people don't help us feel any lighter. No matter what, it always helps to feel light in a grave situation and keep a smile to be brave. A smile lights up the world but most importantly, it makes light of the burden within you, all the best.

  5. Garba is the 2nd best dance form after bhangra for me..I jst simply luv it and cant resist myself from entering any possible locations where it is organized..
    But ya I make sure I dont have my cell on my hand and that too if I had an X6 then toh kabhi nahin....
    do read my blog and post comments..would luv to read ur views..


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