Friday, October 7, 2011

jinx ?

Is it common that things you are most excited about...most lovingly desperate about and badly want never really happen ?
Or delayed ?
Or just go kaput at the 11th hr ?

Its almost routine for me. Therefore ,  I make an effort in toning down that excitement and not think much about the 'plan'. .in some hope that maybe it does work out if I don't wish for it so madly!

Its a futile effort though...because you so badly want it to happen that you can't take your mind off it.

And once you start  re-thinking it lock yourself into the loop of wanting it bad again!

Tough nut to crack.


  1. Ah. Totally happens! :|
    And it's such a mood killer!

  2. Yeeeeaaaaahh. I know what you're talking about. Happens almost everyday. :|

  3. Bleh!! Happens everytime, sugar!!!

  4. Huh :( most of the times this does happen.
    I try not to think much about it. As in whatever I'm excited for!

  5. it happens to me all the time .. sigh

  6. C'est la vie.
    Yes, its a spoiler. All the time. :@


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