Saturday, October 15, 2011


In the most horrifying incidents to have happened in the city , a 10 yr old kid was kidnapped for a ransom of Rs. 2 crore 3 days back.

He was abducted by the neighbour!! - a 20 something ruthless bastard wanting easy money to make up for his gambling loss.

The police had taken him into custody after reports of the kid being last seen with him. After 3 days , he confessed to having killed the innocent child.
The fucking loser made only one call after kidnapping.
The police was immediately informed and so was the media. Posters of the lost boy were put across the city.
Probably fearing that he might get caught - the bastard killed the kid within few hours after abudcting him. His body was dumped in a water tanker of an under-construction building , only 2 kms from his house.

The kid went to the same school as my brother. He stayed only a few meters away from our house.

can you imagine the plight of the parents of the little boy ? It breaks my heart every time I see a picture of his in the newspaper or at the traffic signals. He was such a sweet looking kid.

It is an unimaginable and awfully disturbing incident. The city is gripped with shock waves.

How can someone fall so low to MURDER A CHILD ??

The asshole could have gotten the money and left the innocent soul.

And can you believe it that a neighbor did such an heinous crime ?

The murderer's father expired today afternoon after heart stroke.
Their house was pelted with stones since morning.

The killer must be burnt alive. What a horrendous crime!

my heart goes out to the family of the child.
God give them strength!


  1. say the least....sometimes...humans can be so cruel and dumb ....strength to the cope with this imaginable loss.

  2. I really do not know how to comment on such a situation... I guess its a crazy and pathetic parallel existence of such ruthless humans... don't know what to say

  3. I can't understand how anybody can take lives so easily..Not a thought goes out for the family that's left behind. The world we live in is a crazy and sad place.

  4. Horrible. Nowadays a lot of incidents are being like this. What to do.. Growing greed makes everything like this happened. Thanks for the post. I liked whole content of the post except the following line.
    "He was such a sweet looking kid."
    Whether or not he is sweet looking it must be treated with same eyes.

  5. People can be paedophiles. People can abduct kids. People can do anything. Sick world.

  6. Such people should not be burnt alive..They should be castrated and crucified and along with should be pelted with stones...
    May the kid's soul RIP!!

  7. One thing I dont understand is how the hell people gather the power to end a life?

  8. The bastard should be hanged. Or burnt to death, like you said.

    But in India, justice isn't served that easily, and even if it is, it is hardly just.

    God be with their family...

  9. and this is not the first time that such gruesome tales hit the news and madden us-if only there was a cure, coz there are grieving families at both ends!

  10. he was not a human for humans have heart

  11. My heart goes out to teh family of the boy. And agree with Pesto.


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