Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cash & Calorie rich.

Heavy weekend , yet again.
Of course making me both cash & calorie rich.

Its almost becoming a family tradition now. When all the cousins are downtown - all we do is EAT.
Lunch at someone's place..dinner's at someone else's place on & so forth. And in between all the time left - we talk , crack nonsense jokes , laugh on the same , click pictures & play cards!!
But most of all what I reckon is the fact that we EAT a lot :P

So apart from food ..what was special this time was our two hour session of Dumb Charades!
From movies like 'Aah' ( yeah thats a movie name..I found it in Google search results - after we were not left with many choices ) to 'Unns'  ;  the game was one hell of a laugh riot!

The best was when my sister was trying to explain ' Farishtey'.
She did everything to make her team get the 'Fur' part . She even enacted as an animal or something like that ?! lol :D
And despite all of the hints reaching to a 'material' - her awesome team members talked of silk , cotton etc etc - except Fur :D 
Atlast..all she did was enact an angel ; circling her hand above her head :P

Oh and then..the most hilarious one was a movie name ending with Raat ; Mr. A blurting out all the words in haste  ---- Untill he also said 'Suhagraat'

I mean , seriously...why on earth would we give that as a movie name for dumb charads ?? :P

And then we ran out of movie names as I mentioned earlier. Someone suggested to play Home Production i.e to create your own movie names! :D
Big B refused...citing example of how someone would explain a home produced movie name like :
"Is cheez ka tatparya kya hai "
Tatparya. LOL.

I also remember how my cousin tried explaining our team 'Ghatotkach'
Thats an animated movie.
He first gave us an object hint : Ghada
Then teeth > tooth :P
And from the combination of Gha ( from ghada ) & tooth - my smart team member yelled ' Ghatotkach' :D :D

I can't recollect more. There were soo many of them! And each of them made us laugh crazy.

That's my sweet little brother's gift to me :P I'm yet to receive a material gift , lol
But anyhow..this is obviously Priceless. :)


  1. Is cheez ka tatparya kya hai?

    LOL LOL!!

    Some great movie names for Dumb charades :)


  2. You have reminded me of my wonderful vacations spent with all my cousins- eating, playing and talking non sense... and also dumb charades are always so much fun.... I really miss those times
    Hang on to these times coz once everybody gets busy with LIFE, you will certainly miss such pointless fun

  3. Ah... Home Productions!!!! Aint they so awesome?! :)

    Numerous Dumb Charades with my engineering classmates have left some really wonderful memories - the most special ones on my last trip to the North with my class... On one of those cold Nainital nights, we sat after dinner playing on the terrace.. The girls team gave the nerdiest guy from the guys team the movie 'Bhagte hue bhoot ki udti hui lungi'.. Apparently that's some bhojpuri movie :P :P Awesome fun that was! :)

  4. Aawwwwwwwwww, cousins are always a lot of fun. I remember my summer vacations. Dumbcharades adds to the fun.

    And brothers are the coolest. Little bros especially. Mine gave me a hand made book once, saying it was for me to write stories since I like writing. They can be super sweet and love has way more value than material things anyway. Its the thought that matters.


    And that note is so cuuuuute. <3


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