Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bring it On.

Have you heard ...they say people who are devastated are quite funny on the outside.

I have one such friend. And although as little as I know of him - my other friend & I could tell there was something huge missing in his life.

Today we were proved right.

The entire situation is so numbing , I don't have words.

He's a gem of a person. Quite talented. Keeps making people laugh crazy with his antics & mimickery.

In two days something will decide whether he stays with us or not.

I'm feeling terrible. Helpless.

And in so many days ..specially since I joined college...this is first time I'm praying badly - that too for someone else.

He's also the same guy for whom we did not change our batch.Flat 15 days of friendship.

Serious- WTF- happens- in- life mode.
Bring it on I say , Life -- you - sonofabitch!


  1. Life really is a bitch.

    Couldn't agree with the first line more.

  2. Kinda...Vinay Pathak in Chalo Dilli... :)

    May be people with deep sorrow inside..have nothing but laughter to give and spread outside...

    Hope...your prayers are answered :)


  3. The first line = second it, third it, millionth it!!

    Omg I'll pray for him!!!

  4. here's wishing him best of health or whatever else that ails him...
    and yes you've hit bang on the truth...the funnier we get, the sadder we really are!

  5. Aawww, lets hope whatever it is gets solved. :(

    Keep Hoping.

    Life can be a bitch, we've gotta be bigger bitches ;)

  6. Prayers and wishes for his health..
    Hope it all comes out bright..


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