Monday, June 21, 2010

What's the Hurry , Dude ??

I have something to say to the tech guys.

Why do you have to be so quick in evolving better gadgets every single day ?

Its I'll buy a cell phone & in next 15 days there will be a better one available for which I could get a bang for my buck but I cannot because I already the bought the one that's not-so-cool-anymore.

It goes for any thing apart from cell too.TV , digicam , PS2 - any goddamn gadget.

Why can't you let the buyer enjoy the product for some time that he/she has bought  ?

It feels horrible to spend on something the UTILITY ( talk of economics ) of which is not derived since there's a better product launched in the market in that particular phase.

What's the hurry techiie guys ??!


  1. can you imagine i am still using a nokia 1100, a 6 year old lappie with 40 gb hdd, and at home i have a 7 year old pc with amd athlon xp {equal to p3} and 40 gb hdd and 256 mb ram... !!

    phew i am a shame in the gadget world na??

  2. hmm...true!! Sad but true.

  3. funk priest and i are similar.
    i always used expensive handsets, but when i dropped water on my expensive nokia n73, i decided that was the limit. i now use a samsung phone that costs 3500 bucks. it's not given me any problems till now, not even a minor one.
    my pc is more than a decade old and the laptop too is about four years old.
    frankly i couldn't care less about these new things that keep coming in! but i can imagine the plight of someone who likes to keep abreast of latest technology!

  4. hey,
    i'd have to disagree... i love gadgets. they are a boon to mankind. so the more gadgets available the more of them i can love :)
    so go techies... i'l support u till my dying day.

  5. yep the undying support to gadgets leads to e waste and improper disposal of them. a whole web of illicit operations operate on these e waste.. precious lives of the scrap workers are lost due to poisoning....

    is the love really worth it??

    e waste from developed countries are dumped in India

  6. so very true.. agreed.. :)

  7. I agree. Whenever I buy some gadget, I stop reading mags related to it. That way the utility lasts longer. :P

  8. and i ll just say that it aint their fault :) it is their job!

  9. So, what did you buy last week? ;)



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