Monday, July 12, 2010

Can't bottle it up...

Getting back to old routine is tough after spending an amazing time that stretched over for two weeks.
To contain all the excitement is even more tough...because it all got over within minutes.And now it all feels like a long long dream.
So yet again..there isn't much that remains for me to jot down.
And even as am angry that I'm unable to convert sundry photographic moments into words , what bothers me more is that - Old life is going to bite me crazy. :x

Summarizing the last few days : I've had a BLAST - dancing , eating , laughing , traveling , and putting on some of my best glad rags.

Its been a roller of a fortnight.None of us aware of time or week day ..and all of us soaked in crazy celebration ;)

It was the best wedding I've attended so far.And the best of best time I've had with all of my family.
A special mention : Sumptuous lip smacking tongue crackling  food.

We put in a lot of effort in making our Sangeet a success and thankfully it paid off ;)

Its indescribable..of how much I have enjoyed.
Letting the tiredness wear off.
Will be back with a bang.


  1. Aha!! Good to know tht u hav had so much of fun in the wedding. :) Be back soon.

  2. Yeah! You atleast have something to think about. Memories: enough to spend half the life. :)

    Be back with a bang PD! :)

  3. Now I know why u aren't being regular...
    have fun....!!!

  4. true u hv nt written many things...mayb fter seein our videos n pics u'll hv sumthin 2 write!!!


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