Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Inception Concluded.

Inception was like a riddle..a puzzle to solve.Although I had my own interpretation for the movie..what left me a little irked was that every other person with whom I discussed the movie - had an entirely different interpretation.
I had given up on it until one my friends texted me telling me her take on it which is the MOST bizzare conclusion I've heard/read.
Radz : The movie ended with Mel's dream.She was controlling all the dreams.The kids were not real.They were just Cobb's projection.

Ok. Weird , aint it ?? I mean the director must be MAD to have written the story from this point of view .Mel was dead and gone.If there was anything that was to be answered - it was whether Cobb was dreaming in the end or not ?

The problem is..Radz' interpretaion left me with more questions and doubts , even when it made no sense..So I went to see the movie AGAIN.
And despite watching the movie for the second time..I couldn't decipher the confusion!! ( which annoys me even more )

I happened to read several forums and sites that discussed the movie and analyzed it.And finally I reached to my conclusion , which I texted to my friends and cuz who were as much intrigued by the movie as I was.

 Me : Bohot soch vichaar aur duniya bhar ke lekh padhne ke baad ...hum is natijey pe pahuche hai ki 
( Hold your breath)
.Inception has plot holes! :D The director didn't bother to make the rules of the dreamworld clear.The movie had few loopholes which fail to explain the basic concept. ( Aur jankari ke liye, Kripya mujhse sampark karein )   Giving my obsession a dead end now.PEACE.

My bro replied.

Awin : Director ka manana hai ki dharti par paaye jane wale vibhinna manushyon ke liye yadi ek movie banana hai toh woh yehi hai.Har manav alag end sochega...aur vichlit hota rahega. Is dauraan woh movie baar baar dekh ke apni vidambana door karega.Is tarah movie ka kosh rupiyon se bhar jayega! 
 LOL :D this one's really the best conclusion :P
And then my sister replied too.
P2 : Kya uttam vichaar prakat kiye hai is balak ne .( with ref to the above mentioned msg ) Aur director ke isi maayajal  ka shikaar tum ho chuki ho balike ( this was for me:P since I watched thre movie twice:P ). Ab apne in vicharo ko viram do...kyon ki apne dimag ka had se jyada upyog tumhare aur baaki janta ke hit mein nahi hai !

Haha :D  I agree with both of them! I've really invested a lot of time in cracking this movie.And it has been fun. I wanted to list down the loopholes as well but I guess its not required anymore as I've decided to wait for the next part if at all there'll be one :D

 Inception deciphered  : Make a wonderful movie ( script )
Misguide , dazzle , perplex  viewers as much as you can.
Mint money.


  1. i think it was all happening in the first dream wich dey all go into to con fisher......n dat creates a web of all oder dreams....

    coz it all jus sorta fits u know...
    vaha voh chinese mar jata hai so he stays in a limbo in d dream n cobb goes to kill him n usko maarke he is freed too...
    i 'm actually jus as confused as you...
    but d director sure knws how to keep u gripped...i saw it twice too.!

  2. I am not reading this post since I have yet to see the movie..Will come back after I watch and will let u know what I understood:-)

  3. I think Cobb stayed back in the 3rd level of his dream coz he cudnt get back to the real world on time.

  4. hey,
    first time here... must say I like your blog :)

    I know completely what you mean..I too cant stand it when people screw up the meaning of movies with intensely complicated storylines, which have multiple sub-plots all evolving as the story progresses. Movies like Inception and the Matrix Trilogy.. both which btw make complete sense, if you simply bother to pay attention and follow the trail of logic!

    If you still havent figured it out, lemme know... I had to explain it to a couple of other friends too :)

  5. - Ve -

    Thx for dropping by :)
    Umm actually yes..I still haven't figured out the climax. It would be nice to know your view :)

  6. ok.. MY view! :D

    Lets get figure out Cobb's wife Mal (not Mel!) first. Cobb and Mal were trapped in Limbo for 50 years, losing all awareness that their world wasn't real. Cobb eventually discovered the truth, but Mal refused to accept it. In order to get Mal to kill herself and return to the real world, Cobb performed Inception on her, planting the idea that the world wasn't real in her mind. This worked, they killed themselves (got run over by the train) and escaped Limbo by getting 'kicked' back to reality. Unfortunately, the idea remained in Mal's mind and once they returned, she was unable to accept that the real world wasn't a dream. Hence the suicide.

    FACT > Mal dies. She wasnt controlling anything.

    The constant emergence of Mal into Cobb's dreams is due to the guilt he had for believing his inception act has cost him his wife and he attempts to keep the fondest memory with her alive through dreams by creating an underground dungeon( they went down by the lift?) to keep the memory. Thats why Ariadne insists on going along into the dream she has created, cause she realized that Cobb was losing control of his own projection of Mal in the dream.

    Cobb constantly projected Mal in the shared dream state because Mal was part of Cobb's memory and usually memory forms a part of the dream. In most cases when Cobb was the dreamer, Mal came in as part of his projections. If you remember, during the first two levels of dream in their mission where Yusuf and Arthur were the Dreamers, Mal was not around because the entire architecture of the dream was constructed by Ariadne... only specifically for Yusuf and Arthur. Remember that only the main dreamer knows about the detail of the architect design and thus only their projections supposed to be there. However, during the third level at the snow fortress, Mal came into the setting because Cobb was made well informed about the loops on the maze design. Hence, whenever Cobb was dreaming, Mal came in.. only here she was his projection her, where she wanted him to be with her and not leave.

    The ending!
    When Saito died on the 3rd level, he automatically went into Limbo. Cobb and Ariadne, when in Limbo had to return.. Cobb chose to go deeper into Limbo (where time moved even faster!) in the hope of finding Saito, because in the real world, without Saito he couldnt return to his home or his children.

    When Cobb finds Saito, he knows he's in limbo, so this keeps him from aging visibly. Saito on the other hand seems to have forgotten where he is, and so the passage of time (which could have been decades since time runs faster the deeper you go) has more of an affect on him. [This is quite similar to the first time Cobb and Mal end up in limbo, where they age (the wrinkled hands on the railway track scene) because they've forgotten where they really are and accepted it as their reality.]

    He convinces Saito to kill himself and return to the real world.. they dont show how.. but all the 'KICK's in the different dream levels all align up at the same time ( keeping the different speeds in different levels in mind) and they all wake up on the plane at the same time!

    You're supposed to understand the movie to assimilate all the information in the right time sequence.

    Hope this helps.. if I wasnt clear in any part, please feel free to ask :) I should get a job doing this.. I love it!! lol

  7. That's a very good summary. Cleared a lot of my previous doubts. Thanks :)

    Just two more things -

    1> In the end - was Cobb back to reality or was he still dreaming ? A lot of ppl say the entire movie was a dream but I personally feel the director can't be so mad to make it that way :P
    The top/totem is shown spinning endlessly although it wobbles and the screen blacks out.

    2> the train scene..they die young. I mean the hands on the track ..and then the other time they're shown old. I didn't get it :S

    good work btw :D I too love discussing movies :D


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