Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I am...

I'm the tsunami that never came
the silence that never breaks

the frame in sepia that wishes a rainbow change
the tip of the iceberg that fell

the glass that shatters in splinters every day 
the tear that never trickles down the tiny face

the wanderer who lost her way
the night that waits for day

the secret that chooses to remain numb
the blond that wasn’t always dumb

the health that turned pale
the prisoner that ran out of jail

the uncertainty that reassures itself
the irony that contradicts something else

the assassin that stabbed the soul
the thinker that murdered her goal

am the phoenix that shall rise again
the moment that wont bargain any gain.

**Wrote when I was feeling low.Definitely not my current state of mind :)


  1. That's the writer in you. ;) Reminded me of Gin Soaked Boy - Divine Comedy :)

    the blonde that wasn't always dumb.. lol.. good one.. :D

  2. Well written!! Loved it. What an expression.

  3. hey sissy....wat an awesome n wonderful poem!!! truly amazing....>>>>'muah' 'muah' 'muah'!!

  4. This is like so so so awesome! The health that turned pale, the prisoner that ran out of jail- PERFECT!
    pls teach me how to write like this :( :(

  5. Told u it's awesome :) :)
    I mean I wanted to write something like this, since long ..goooood work :)


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