Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Not necessarily so good.

Delhi Belly :

I don't have issues with slangs & swearing ; nor for any of the 'adult' scenes but enough of toilet jokes man! It doesn't make me laugh! Its just too pathetic to laugh at.
The 'yuck'ness this movie is filled with is appalling. Among other things . . . quite explicit for an Indian movie.
I won't say its bad. But its so gross you can't call it good!
If you've been reading reviews - you must think its hilarious.
No. Its ridiculous. And if you have a cheap sense of humor - may be you'd like it.( I think most guys wld like it :P )
Its funny too though. Some laughs definitely guaranteed.
Warning : Obviously nobody watches movies with family members nowadays but this one in particular is a STRICT NO.

Transformers :

2.5 hrs for a English movie is a little too much.For an action movie far too much. For an action movie in 3-D far far too much :P
I know people have loved it. But while watching the movie I suddenly had deja vu :  Terminator , Avatar etc etc. We've seen so much of 'destroying the planet' kind of action , so much of gunshots , aliens , machines and all that - there comes a saturation point.
There are a couple of really amazing scenes.And that's all. Doesn't find my liking.


  1. LOL :P

    This time, Imma watch Transformers for Josh Duhamel. Not for Shia LeBeuf and his toys. :P

  2. Hmmm... shud wait for the DVD for Delhi Belly to come out...

    I heard some of the abuses are so not-needed...in the movie.

  3. I must watch Dehli Belli soon. I loved the DK BOSE song. Was like OMG WTF when I heard it first time on the radio:D

  4. Hmm...well yea u r right i hav no idea why do guys love bathroom humor so much! Glad tht u said it...i wasn't planning to c DB in theatre anyways.

  5. You dissed Transformers. That's enough of a reason to make me your 80th follower. :D

  6. I havnt seen Delhi Belly yet! Ur the first person i have come across who didnt like it!!
    Its good to get that sort of a opinion too!


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