Thursday, July 28, 2011

Battery dead.

So its kind of obvious now.
 I invite disasters.

Starting off with my latest experiment with my hair. Didn't go well. And yes I did the usual..went back to the salon..fought with the hairdresser , made complaints , went mad... except that I'm so tired of having bad results that for a change I'm absolutely not reacting anymore.
It still remains a sad story. Its hardly anything to laugh about  , ok ?
But I will bring hell for the salon!

Severe changes in routine are misleading my appetite. I eat so much these days. Plus I've stopped going on walk. So its not balancing AT ALL.
I was rejoicing over losing an inch off my waistline. And that in itself took roughly 2 months. Now I see regaining just as much over 2 weeks :|
Body metabolism!! This is one god gift you must have :P

My temper issues. Its discomforting to me that I find myself not being able to work in a group. Yes I'm the over smart kind in that segment. I want things to be done  my way. I want people to listen to me not because I want to dominate but because I feel I'm right almost always :P And as long as I'm being logical and fast-tracking work...people shouldn't be having problem with my suggestion. But eventually the biggest problem is that everyone thinks that they're right! :|
It turns me off when everything that can run smoothly and perfectly goes kaput.
Credit issues as well. Huh. Group work is testing my patience.I only keep telling myself to calm down.

My battery is kind of empty.

There's no energy left to be mad.


  1. U need a long hot bath...relax dear!! Seriously blow off some steam, and i hope u writing it down here served the purpose. *hugs*

  2. you'd be fine soon.. i guess ye to hota hi rehta hai tumhare sath.. :)

  3. Oh even I don't have that perfect metabolism. And that same thing happened to me :| Lost a few inches here & there. Got so happy and I got it all back again :|
    And even I think I'm usually right and all but self confidence issues so unless I know all of 'em I don't really try :P
    I agree with Ria and Sachin .. This happens with everyone kabhi na kabhi.
    U take care :)
    *hugs* +2

  4. Aaaw, its just a passing phase. With time, everything will be okay, just keep having faith. All you need now is a big teddy bear hug to tell you that. So *hugs* and talking about metabolism...mine's pathetic sometimes. So yeah putting on weight is a lingering issue. :) But we've gotta live with it and thats ok :)

    Here's wishing you have a duracell long lasting battery next week! :)


  5. aww man!
    Jus stop worrying about the weight and go eat loads and loads of chocolate :P ;) .. that always works for me :P

  6. Tension leneka nahi re.. tension khali deneka aur monaco khaneka..


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