Monday, January 5, 2009

Aime vous Sorelle !

We meet again.
Long time sisters!
Chick new hairstyle.
P2 turns into a Miss Popularity ...totally :P
P1 looked great!! I complimented her thrice over the same thing.
Saw somebody we knew.Rockstar haircut.We did a 'wow'.Sure that was a wow.Rockstar heh!
Some people are terrifically blessed with beauty.The rest are made to gaze & go green.
We appreciated.We don't go green.
Maybe the vibes are so damn good around my sisters that I never go green.
But I'm still wishful..more wishful & suddenly ambitious.
I all of sudden announce silently that am gonna go back & study.
P2 is younger..she gets all the dishes:P Poor girl..sorry babe!:"D
The food is delicious.That made my day!
Talked accounts.That thing cannot stay away from my brains.
Giggled.Laughed.Giggled again , for no joke at all.
Those ones are the best laughs
And sure such unplanned events are great.
I want a new hairstyle.
So we discuss hairstyles.
I tell them how the confused moi checked virtual makeover sites.
Almost grinning.
Wide gazes.
Now grinning completely
Yeah , they had all the colors on except black.Pink , blue being famous lol ..virtual makeover
Laughter on the ride.
We eat more.
I reveal my interest of resuming learning French.
Uh uh...
We discuss a cousin & his gf. lol that was funny !
My old fans:P the ones I was hooked to.Teased.
Why is P1 chuckling & actually pointing him out ?
I don't growl.I laugh.We recollect old days.
Meet people of our own colony whom we haven't talked in ages.
Chitter chatter.
The crowd isn't great this time - P2. Oh yeah Miss! Looking for cute guys ??? :D lol
P1 is still popular.Every 5th guy knows her there & greets her :P
We wanna talk A LOT.
Time constraint.
bid adieu.

Aime vous = love you ---> French
Sorelle = Sister ----> Italian
Why the great combination ?
my French connection & Italy Destination dream.


  1. i learnt some german in school and some spanish in collg :P it was good i can go to both these places and make a real fool of myself :P

  2. Abhinav :

    Mystique :
    Lol.. Gut!
    Its loads of fun to learn foriegn languages.
    I wanna learn German & Spanish too, after French & Japanese :P
    Hows Spanish btw ? One of my friend's unable to make a choice between Spanish & French.
    I said both of them are Latin to

  3. Bein wid cousins is always fun..especially when u meet after considerable tym..likes the way of writin..but its a bit, y did u chose 'P' n not 'Q' or 'R' or 'S'? lol..n I kinda adore this title..:P..great job!

  4. P is the initial of their names.
    P1 the elder & p2 the younger. :P
    Thanks for dropping by.My blog was missing your comments :D


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