Monday, April 13, 2009

Deja vu

All of a sudden I'm enjoying getting back to old days even though exams are in pipeline.
Old clothes
Old pics
Old diary
Its barely nostalgic..I mean I don't feel dark when I see/read those things , but it does lighten up my face with a dazzling smileeach & every time.My expressions change from a smug to horribly embarrassed to a hearty self laugh ( unseen..only in mind :D)

Old clothes
my mother has preserved my first b'day dress to all those cute little frocks :P
I wonder why she did much of stuff unpacked here & there makes me pesky but I cannot ask her to throw them! Not that am heartless or I want to hurt her.. I see no point in keeping all that.Like if I were a celeb or something..I would have auctioned those clothes to get some $ but since am not and nor do I see any such possibility , we better chuck it! The heights is ..this maid laughs off seeing all my clothes & ask my mother why she stored them up since so many years.Then mum says 'I'll give her away when she gets married!'
Give me money..give me 2 chefs and 3 maids when I get married..sponsor a world trip for me a dozen designer clothes but please don't pile up my first b'day dress , little socks etc just for it to be a souvenir when I get married! Maybe she is commencing a family pass-on tradition.I think my mum thinks I'll forget her , lol so as a reminder she wants to give me my old stock. Huh. Sometimes you just don't know how to react.
I'm speechless.I'm very delighted to see my very little dresses.I'm a little angry its been kept for a reason that is utterly stupid.But again , I'm speechless.Most of all, ambivalent.
I love my clothes though.I have certainly worn better dresses in my childhood :P

Old Pics
Again from my 1 month old to first b'day and so on...I cannot believe its me.
not bloody fair..I was SO MILKY FAIR! I envy myself- my childhood skin color.
Every time I look at the pics , my parents tell me how special I was.Yeah yeah I get it I'm not anymore. Anyway , its just regarding how I looked..I would still like to believe that am very special =)
I also went through the pics taken during the last few days at school.I'd forgotten so many of my class mates.Very refreshing to just think of 'em again.Funny too.Embarrassing as
What I don't have are the farewell pics.I was so busy properly draping the saree...that I couldn't manage time to take some pics at home.At the function , I was busy living the moment & clicking others.It went just too fast.And it was the worst farewell any batch of outgoing students from our school ever got! But that doesn't bother much. Last glorious time at school after all.I'm making it sound like a battle ( by using the word glorious ) But with anything that has to do with 'being last' , I vision a Colosseum , gladiators , an energetic crowd cheering for the last fight -- Historical event. < in my life>

Old Diary
I started making diary entries in my 9th grade when even though I did make an attempt at creating blogs ..I didn't know of blogger & rediffblog looked too dull.So I stuck to writing in a tiny notepad.Started off with my school trip.I rarely wrote & even if I did , I made sure I write about the times I totally loved spending.Sometimes , I'm amazed I was the one who used to think like that.Cutely immature :P
My cute little immature notepad makes me immeasurably happy.I wish I'd written more that time...would have been all the more fun to read now & later.

I'm enjoying micro-blogging these days.Been extremely confused if I should start that as a new blog.But twitter does seem cool.Although its punchline is 'What are you doing?' , I'm using it for writing whatever I feel or think or DID - not what am doing. ( Airtel charges 3 bucks per tweet so cannot always tell 'what I'm doing' :P ) In 120 words summing up something is nicer.Short & sweet.
Will be away for a while.A week


  1. hey sugar cube..
    i guess u r right ..mums think we'll forget them thats y they want to give us our old stuf cuz my mum also says so..
    anyways i love my old frilly white and pink fairy frocks..y they dont design such frocks for big girls..i would love to wear those with pigtails..sigh!
    nice post..lemme check out my farewell pics..i think i took time out to get myself clicked in sari unlike u..lucky me!

  2. lol..yr post always brings a smile on my face ( I guess on every1 else too :-) )..any1 can relate to yr post so easily!!! actually reminds us of such incidents/emotions in our life..

    Well..i think yr mum is a real sweet lady 4 preservin yr clothes for so long..maybe she just wants to show how big n fat u've

    Regardin the pics..i think v look better wid age..toddlr age is good but den early teens mein i think v look shud have taken yr pic on farewell atleast!!! cud u let go off sucha special moment w/o capturin it in a photo?..

    Diary entry in 9th grade?? did u manage to get tym? age mein toh v too busy livin life king size rather den bein all philosophical n makin diary entries..waise i used to write diary entries wen i wa sin 5th grade..bas for 1 yr..uske baad i left it..n god, i used to laugh so much on them later..u know, eng. was all f**ked

    n hey, 4get abt micro-bloggin..u wudn't really b able to express yrself clearly in dose limited words..n indulgin yrself in it wud abstricate u from this cutey blog of keep writin here..:-)

  3. well a diary is certainly more personal than a blog. i mean we cant post anything anything and everything in our blogs, but we can write anything and evrything in our diaries.

    hoarding clothes is something that i dont understand either!

  4. cute lil dresses of u? aww how sweet!

    My blog is my e-dairy. Gotta stay with the trends u see ;-)


  5. btw I find Twitter, Facebook etc intellectual attribute about them. In Blogger, u can write anything u want and in detail. u can connect, share, learn alot more than u can in other SNSs.

    But thats just me. :)


  6. You know what i like preserving old clothes too..& yes i am not gonna be a celebrity either but somehow i feel like having it, old skool diaries, magazines, pics and videos of course, It's actually awesome when u see it after ages ..!!

    I so want to preserve all the pictures of my collg days and videos too an show it to my grandchildren =))

    & yeah i was damn fair and on top of that i was plumpy too as a kid ;)

    I am not able to relate to myself when i look at my old pics :P

  7. Get me 2 chefs and 3 maids when I get married..LOL..I can't stop laafing..

    Wht a cute post!

    And mothers will always b mothers..

    I get really embarrassed whenever I look at my old pix :P

    I used to maintain a personal diary. But I prefer to blog now :)

  8. I also used to write a diary in 9th grade..I used to write it daily.. like a schedule.. and it was more of what I did that day .. Now when I look back I see how simple life was. void of complications like now ..


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