Monday, August 3, 2009

Cruising avec Sorelle

I end up celebrating acquaintance day or a school-buddy day every year on Friendship's day .Since last 4-5 yrs ..I've been partying out with my school buddies on this day..half of which I don't talk to.I fail to connect with them.Specially the guys.I find 'em all kinda weird & am sure they find me exactly that way :P lol

But no matter where I am & with who I am..I always enjoyed dancing on the First Sunday of every August.This yr however ..there were change of plans & I didn't see any of my school friends.I think they had a secret party where I wasn't invited lol :D
But the problem isn't that I wasn't with school pals.The problem is there was no party at all.And no dancing either.I feel bad for the dancing part :(

Its sad ..the Radio wasn't playing peppy songs at midnight either or else I had plans to plug in my headphones & dance ;)

Nevertheless , I went out for a movie with two of my loveliest sisters , my friend & my friend's sister.Complete Sister's Day Out! :D but I'll be kidding myself if I do not call that FUN.
I had a good time minus the dancing which is an achievement :))
We watched Love Aaj Kal & I don't quite know what I watched.I mean at least not post -interval.We 5 were constantly spoofing the movie ..making ridiculous comments :P & of course giggling over it.

I'm over excited.I was 10 folds over excited yesterday than today.How come such a small gathering make me so happy ? I don't know.But its cool to be happy with no gala event :)

The icing on the cake was that I turned heads over my outfit :D
Mom , surprisingly : "We are not in Mauritius"
Me : So what ? *chuckles*
P1 : "OMG! Doll! Mast lag rahi hai
P2 : "Wow doll!"
Uncle : "Ohho..Modern girl"
Me: almost trying to hide from him
Aunt : Accha hai accha hai on seeing me sulk.Acchi lag rahi hai
Dad : I didn't recognize you.
Me : :D lol This one makes me feel the best ! :D

Ok , so whats up everyone ? I was looking good , am damned sure :D but that's only because of my outfit.I wore this sleeveless black top - very simple , decent & elegant..& certainly the cutest dress in my closet that fits me so well that I look thin :D Its amazing how much a dress can change your entire personality.I had no make up on.I did not get the time to iron my hair either.I had put kohl in my eye which too isn't unusual.But THAT dress made all the difference ;)
Heck! It made my day !

There aren't many restrictions regarding what I wear.Decency is all that is required. Usually am in looset oufits I can find for myself.Therefore the surprise-shock reactions from all.

Its so ultra cool to receive compliments.It means a lot to me.There are times when I am dressed up for a party but nobody says anything to me.Not that I want every body's compliment or praise ..but I do need just ONE person to tell me that I'm looking good when I actually am and then I take the first flight to cloud 9 :D It makes me feel a lot better & confident when someone says something nice about the way I look :) At the back of my mind , I make a note -
  • You're looking fine.Relax!
The entire time I spend with my folks compensated for any party I wld have been to.We sure could have gone to a better place to eat , had we all planned the day properly , but am not complaining.I really enjoyed.Its strange how I always find myself in so much Joy in a little event.Its great :)
We girls are already gearing up for dandiya :D

Sorelle ( Italian ) = Sisters * I love the word :)


  1. :)

    Who does not love compliments... but to accept that you DO love them is not something every can do.

    Make me wonder how wonderful you looked. Stay Happy...

  2. are girls bothered about their looks all the time!!! more then the guys i think...let us not start a debate here...just wat i felt...but comliments are something which certainly make anyone feel better cause they come from the heart and cant be forced.....:)

  3. This is one of your cutest posts..really..its amazing if u can appreciate little things in life :)

    Compliments matter to all of us..who doesn't like to be complimented? And minimal make up looks classy..kohl and a nice lip gloss can make so much of a diff

    I have this sexy sleeveless top in my closet..It's a little revealing..I've just worn it once..I am not allowed to wear such clothes, but wen im with friends, i do :P

    My brother always tells me one thing- IF U THINK U R BEAUTIFUL, YOU PROBABLY ARE! I just love his confidence and attitude towards life..I hope it rubs off on me :)

  4. glad you thought you looked thin.. :P many girls actually think they do.. ask us.. :D kiddin' lol.. :P

    I too saw Love Aaj Kal.. eyukk.. x-( hated the movie..

    Happy Friendship Day! :)

  5. cute post :)

    so ur a Dandiya expert? WOW!


  6. - Harshita
    Thats because I don't recv them too often :) Thx

    - Kaka
    Lol.Girls are bothered more bout their dressing sense.
    Yup compliments give a rush to your excitement harmone :P

    - Swats
    Yup its amazing to appreciate lil things ( The truth is there are no big things & I have to appreciate something :P )
    lol...yeah sometimes I too wear stuff only when am with friends warna ghar pe toh bhuchaal aa jayega :P
    Your bro is very right :) & his confidence has certainly drawn into you as well.I love your attitude Swats =)

    - Saad
    lol !

    - Keshi
    Oh nah..not an expert! But do manage to do dandiya while hitting some ppl around me :P


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