Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fry my cold head

Ok looks like there's a long embarrassment week going on.
So yesterday I was finding my scooty at the parking ( something am ashamed of owning!)
No suspense here.I did find it.
The self start wasn't working.So I had to kick start.I hate to kick start.
I tried doing so a couple of times..& by the time I thought my scooty is back to fainted.
Meanwhile I was laughing.I don't know what was funny about it but I was probably laughing thinking of the previous joke I shared with my friend which too wasn't funny at all.
I lost my balance & the scooty fell.
I let it fell.
And I stood there ..cold ..watching it go bang on the floor.
The way I lost the bal was FUNNY. I mean , I cldn't handle a stupid scooty ? :D lol

All this had to happen in presence of Wicked V.
That guy hates me..or he pretends to hates me or neither.
But he certainly dislikes me because he looks at me as if he is going to kill me.
Not that I hold any grudges against him for telling out my nick name to everyone in school.And then asking everyone to tease me :- jerk But I do find that guy weird.I would have given him the Kill you looks too but then am not so complicated as him :S
What on this earth is the deal with him ??! We never spoke to each other in school as soon as there were rumours that we are together. I loathed him then.Now..haven't we grown mature ? At least..I have ! :P Whereas he seems to be the same arrogant Kid!
We had started talking again..A little hi-bye talk but now he behaves as if once upon a time..I really killed him :D What is supremely funny is that..he kind of blushes when our common friends tease him.When they tease me...I just laugh.Bcoz it reminds me of how silly he'd been.I cannot make myself react angrily nor does he which is why people till this day think there's something between us lol.

It doesn't matter to me much whether or not he talks to me.Its just that my scooty shouldn't have dropped off my hands when he was there.I'm sure he was laughing :( which is embarrassing.

Ok apart from that.I missed out a point when I was talking of how online friends can be different.
I missed out saying that I must be appearing a hell lot different too.
He must be wondering - She knows am there..yet she wldn't look at me.The other day she just smiled.No hi.Nothing. Then when we happened to talk online..she was all cool. Again when we meet....she knew I was there but she quickly flipped her glance & began talking to her friend.Why does she ignore me so weirdly in public ? And talks nicely online ?

That's exactly how he must be thinking & he isn't wrong.Cannot blame him.
I'm really behaving stupidly.Not that I cannot talk to him. I'm not shy bout it.But I'm just being unreasonable. I'm unable to look at him & strike a conversation.Sometimes I feel..he wants to talk but my response has been so dull that he moves away.Its not an attitude problem either.
And its not just him.I think I do this often.I skip talking to people because I find it pathetic to flirt.But every talk isn't a flirt , is it ?? Its not!! I know I don't flirt.How much will it matter if I go ahead & speak ?
Its strange ..I am unable to - take a proper decision & act Or act spontaneously.I do neither.I just hung up cold.


  1. LOL@scooty..Even I've had some real embarrassing moments in school, college, at work, at the is part of me :P

    Love-Hate relationships are fun..Really.. Actually these are vry strong words as far as ur relationship with 'V' is concerned..

    I identify with ur behaviour..It's a little weird..But life wud b so bland widout us weirdos :P

  2. hey did ur scooty actully fall in front of V??? i mean HAHAHAHAHA!!! gurl no wonder i caught him laughing his gutts out yesterday!!! and he wuldnt juz spit out the reason as to y he's OH SO HAPPY!!! guess he still is dat shy guy when it comes to talking abut u:P!!!! hahah!! i missed the actual scene!!!! are u both still at daggers out with each oter??? cme off it gurl! :P

    and abut that M guy.. well as ive told u like a hundred times and a m saying dat again... hes a sissy...(atleast dats wat we used to call him at school!!!) so dun wrry urself over him!!! Find a guy worth u and try ur "new found realisation of being urself with guys" with him!!!! and gurl ull juz not need to search atall.. der r many, its only that u need to see around u!!!

  3. Hi..
    sorry havent been here for quite a long time..Actually I was a lil busy with exams..Have to do alot of catching up..

    U have been tagged on my blog .please check this out

  4. - Swats
    yeah scooty! :( Its so sad I have to ride that , lol.
    love-hate ? arre its all hate-hate..:P Its fun for sure which is why I don't bother much :D
    'Life wld be bland w/o us weirdos '
    Haha :)

    - Donna
    LOL! Yeah you sld have been there :D
    I'm not in a cold war with him.He always had some problem with me which he still does.Can't help it :P
    M is not sissy.Stop calling him that! Don't kill my thrill girl ;) And anyway , who were the 'we' who used to call him that ? You jrs! :P
    What do ya mean by finding a guy worth me ? Arre oyee I'm not trying to hook upto M!
    Kya soch rahi hai tu ? :P This is what happens when you are friends with my Jaani Dushman :D You loose all your powers to understand your childhood frd *whacko*
    Hmm are there many nice guys around ? I don't see any! :(

    - PG
    Hey long tym girl! Nice to hear from you! How were the exams ?
    Thx for the tag.I already have that tag pending.I'll do it sometime. :D

  5. Maybe you could've asked him to be a gentleman and pick up the scooty for you ;)

    (Aha, then the rumor-mills about the two of you would get powered by nuclear reactor instead of wind-wane eh? Full blast!)

  6. - Stupidosaur
    LOL! That would have been the typical hindi movie scene :P wherein the guy-girl begin to talk nicely after all the fights :d Haha! Funny to me..
    but nah..he gives me such killer looks ..that he wld pick up my scooty only to throw it again :D

  7. Damn every scooty in the world !!

    Damn that ad which teaches every single (literally) girl this:

    "ab peechey kyun baithna?"

    ok yeah some people never grow up for some people. I mean he msut only be like that with u.( Know what i mean ?)

    and that 'being cold' thing is so true, I mean i am like that in my real life. I just can't flirt ..ok can't even initiate the conversation unless and until its a D.O.A situation :P

    how similar are we !

  8. - Peter
    Lol @ damn the ad :P

    Some ppl never grow up for some ppl.Right! Yup he behaves that way only with me.

    You too ? Same pinch :D
    DOA = die or ____?

  9. Oh right! I'm such a tubelight :P know the funniest part was that 'What the Luck' just didn't click me it was for movie :P


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