Friday, July 10, 2009

(Mental+physical) work out

One thing I've learnt in this unusually non-over-analysis & self-observation state is that solution to every single thing is not cribbing about the problem.Grumbling doesn't help either.Even when there isn't a problem in the true sense of the word , there is really no need to grumble.

Secondly , I've been criticizing every little detail around me.Be it movies or being upset about the new furniture at home.I made mistakes.I never actively took charge of what was being done to the house.Now I don't deserve to complain!

Thirdly , I really must stop criticizing right now.Its wicked how I've been debating aggressively of how an actor did not do well in a movie.Whats the big deal ? And more importantly WHY ? Its cunning that I of all people has forgotten to appreciate.I have been the one to make an effort to make others appreciate any particular person or thing whether or not I fancy the same.Now I've turned into the fault-finder.

I love to appreciate - could be out of envy at times & strangely mixed with genuineness - but I always did.The more faults I find , the more upset I am.

Now onto the cheerful side - Joining gym has been the most refreshing thing I've done in last one YEAR.Yes! I cld have joined dance class & ignited my passion for dancing but I just couldn't make it.Exercising has been a lot of fun specially when I get to spend a good 45 mins with one of my best friends when otherwise we wouldn't be able to meet & talk endlessly :) That makes the work out much more easier. I have lost about 2 kgs in less than 2 months but my body isn't perfectly toned up yet.In fact , its not toned up at all :-(

Guys at gym are weird.That's the least to say.Some are funny.And of course I found a cute looking one too :P Turns out he is a Gujju.I'm yet to figure out why I always come across cute gujju guys :D I also feel he is someone I know as we have mutual friends.Hmm :P

I met my friend K yesterday after months.Of all the people on earth , I had to turn to him to help me suggest career options.Although I asked him very casually to find me something , he seems do have done a lot of research.The problem now is , he is forcing his opinion. Huh

I was very happy to know that he actually found out so many things for me , whether I liked all of that or not.Secondly , I'm again very happy & impressed to see how confident he is.I mean so far I always thought this guy only likes to brag but yesterday there was something more to it.He sounded supremely confident , sharing all of his achievements delightedly :-) He talked so much that I started wondering if he is talking to himself.I mean I really did not have a chance to say much & even if I did , I'm sure I wouldn't have had a lot to say.Very typical of me.I listen more.I speak less.

Amidst all , I began admiring him.

He is the guy I unreasonably liked a lot.Never thought that I would re-like him.But atleast am admiring him now :-)

I was feeling good & bad.Jealous on top of that.Good as I'm happy to know him the way he is.Bad as we do not get to spend much time together.Jealous as he has definitely made a lot of friends & am not the special one anymore.

He needs to learn to be chivalrous though.I paid for the treat , yet again! lol

I consider it as my fees for his career counselling .Not very expensive :P

But if I constantly pay this way , I'll run out of all my secretly saved money.


  1. Everytime I decide to go to the gym, I end up taking a nap! I just couldn't get a perfect workout! Lazy attitude speaks for itself

    I liked your post though :P You write really well :)

  2. woooh..!! so many things in one post.. :P

    well.. congratulations on your 1 year of gymming.. :D In the last year I've joined Gym 3 times.. and guess what.. didn't do more than 3-4 days each time.. :P

    and about your friend not being chivalrous.. well.. that's the way it is.. :p

    good post.. was fun to read.. ;)

  3. you have been oin to the gym since one year :O ?
    that's like a benchmark 4 me ..i have done it for max 2 mnths at a stretch !!

    'Cute guju guys'
    really ? doesn't sound like an oxymoron to me either :P

    kaash mujhey bhi koi fokat k treats deta ..mere free advice k badle :P

  4. - Anamika
    Firstyl thank you =) Go along with a friend.Will be fun :) and then who knows you find a cute guy too :P

    - Saad
    No nooo! I haven't been gymming since last one yr.I've been gyming only for 2 mnths..and for an year have been uselessly wasting time.So that way going to gym has been refreshing & 'different'.
    Lol & you need to be regular with gym :P
    Thanks =)

    - Peter
    No ya!I've been going to gym since last 2 months only.Its been the best thing I've done in last 365 days , thats what I meant to say :P
    Lol..fokat ki treat chahiye ? Advice toh do pehle!

  5. Oh.. anywayz.. 2 months is still very long a period for me.. :P

    good goin.. Gym is the only place where you lose and you're still happy.. :D

  6. And lol..thats certainly an oxymoron peter but really I always come across cute guys & then find out that those are gujjus :D lol

  7. Swats' comment :
    can't post this comment.

    First up- It's great to be a good listener! Good communication involves gr8 listening skills as well :)

    And the guy is NOT chivalrous? I am really turned off. He made you pay??????????? U know how I feel abt this one issue!! :P

    I started gymming again..But i'm down with a severe body ache. Thanks to weight training :(

    Cribbing and sulking really does not make sense. We all whine, at some point, we r human. But chronic complainers r annoying..

    I loved this post. It's so direct and cool!

    => Swats
    Yes yes yes , he made me pay! And you know what ? It instantly reminded me of your post :D
    Hehe , yup I remember your opnions on this one.

    Oops ..when you do wts after long time , you do get a bad body ache.

    Chronic complainers are annoying.Han , I'm just an occasional one though :P

    Thank you =)

  8. "Secondly , I've been criticizing every little detail around me.Be it movies or being upset about the new furniture at home.I made mistakes.I never actively took charge of what was being done to the house.Now I don't deserve to complain!"

    me too! :-|

    You like me too much.. I mean you behave like me too much...
    I also need someone to push me to do something I like... sounds stupid but thats the way it is..

    hey, you are still a special one to him... guys do need someone to listen for them..

  9. Gym? 2 Kgs less? congrats.. get toned up soon...!

  10. I went to the gym for years...Now I stopped gymming and I go jogging or walking on a dailybasis..I cant stand gyms anymore :):) I want to exercise in natural surroundings.

    ur friend..hmm ok ;-)


  11. Hey!thanks a lot for dropping by... Hope to see more of you... :D

  12. I went to gym for three years,almost daily,lost 15 kilos (from 96 to 81)!
    Then I developed hyper-acidity due to diet(I didnt eat much to compensate work-out) and cant even walk for mile!Now again gaining weight and doc said me to avoid gym till this problem ends!:(
    Be careful,once you leave the gym,continue doing physical activity equal to what you did in gym! or else you may gain weight!:P

  13. - Abhinav
    *same pinch*
    I wish I were special to him but thats not how it is now.And if I'm..I NEED TO KNOW!!
    Thanks :P Yeah gotta tone up.

    - Keshi
    Thats cool! gym does gets monotenous >> i cant spell this , lol.
    Walking down on street is fun.Very fresh

    - Akansha
    Likewise ;)

    - Srivatsan
    Ohh ..thats sad!
    Thanks for the tip.
    I cannot afford to put on wt now :P
    Will work out constantly =) *hopefully*



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