Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Message Log 2

Some more text messages that I like.
This one is in sync with my last post. ( As a matter of fact..I recd the message few hrs after I posted )

You don't have to be super nice always.Sometimes you have to show your bad side so that you can know who can ACCEPT you even at your worst moods & times.

Life is Like a tennis Match
If you want to WIN , you have to
Serve well
Return well
Play crucial moments coolly
And remember
It starts with 'LOVE ALL'

Someone tell me ...where ALL are ?

A beautiful dress is of no use

Until it Inspires

Some one to take it off ;)

lol I like such 'twist' messages.

Whats 143 ?
I hate you
I love you
I miss you
Then ?
Scrutiny Assessment under Income Tax Act.

Lol.One of my CA- mates sent me this :P

Best Prediction
It was long said 'The only time a Black would lead the US would be if & when pigs would fly.'
How true!
Only 100 days into office and SWINE FLU


When I cry ...
no one sees my tears
When I smile...
no one sees my happiness.
When I'm angry..
no one gives a damn

Ek ladke ke sath kya ghoomo..puri duniya dekhti hai !

Lol.. My fav :D


  1. Love em all but my fav was

    A beautiful dress is of no use
    Until it Inspires
    Some one to take it off

    ;-) very true!


  2. cool messages!
    the CA was informative and that dress sms is really a great twist!:P

  3. hehe.. mast messages!

    I liked Twsit wala the most! :P

  4. Hahahaa.. 143 was pretty funny.. and that beautiful dress was also cool.. :P

    btw.. I have tagged you in my blogpost TAG HERE.. do check out.. ;)

  5. LOL
    cool mssgs i loved swine flu wala :P
    similarly i read about Niel Armstrong's joke ...kabhi ol sunaunga :)

  6. - Keshi
    yup ;) true indeed.

    - Srivatsan
    The twist makes the msg sound so smart :P

    - Abhinav
    lol..everybody seems to be loving that one :P

    - Saad'
    Oh yea 143 had me in splits :D It was kind of a reminder that we have 'Tax' as a subject too , the classes of which I never attended :D
    Tankoo for the Tag

    - Peter
    Swine Flu one is witty.
    I'm sure you loved the twist msg as well :P
    Okay..ol then :)

  7. Hey happy friendship day :)

    Cool messages! and messages as a post is a great concept ! :D

  8. - Ekam
    To you too , thank you :)

    Yeah its a cool concept.
    ( I'm the brains behind it after all :D )

  9. Of course :D

    Can I borrow your brain's concept and use in my blog? (Of course messages will be mine)

  10. - Ekam
    lol sure..you need not ask me for that :P
    Go ahead..create your msg log :)


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