Saturday, July 4, 2009

Flavored mini surprise

Surprises in life is like a huge choc cake.Would make anybody happy. But sometimes there are surprises the size of rum ball . Just as good as the cake.

Isn't it nice to lazily lay on the couch.Be in your own think-world.Randomly recollecting instances.Listening to the radio.And then randomly thinking of a song which you 'wish was played on radio'.
And ? ?
The rum ball!!! The song plays the instance you think of it!

Isn't it nicer to meet a friend in a traffic jam just when you least expect them to.And the friend recognizes you even when your face is wrapped with the duppata :P And then the friend screams first with surprise & next with anger "Why cldn't you recognize me?!"
am not good with disguises even if its just a duppata.
How would I explain that I've innumerably screamed out wrong names when I tried making out who the person behind the duppata is :P

Isn't it nicest to this one just doesn't have to be a rum ball.This has to be a pastry.
So , Isn't it nicest to...reciprocate a lil geezer to a friend :P
This is in connection with the shock given to me
And it so happened that the very next day I wrote bout it...My friend was in huge disbelief + shock + surprise over something I'd done.

"You did Art of Living ? You never told me!! "

Lol I wanted to never asked me..but Its difficult to speak when you are laughing & making a mental note to yourself What a day!! :D I just kind of hi-five-ed her .She gave me a confused look as if she didn't remember what happend the other day.Specially the smug!

Why does this particular instance wins over all rum balls ? Because it left me
amusingly surprised !


  1. "the friend recognizes you even when your face is wrapped with the duppata "

    No never happend with me, but then that's coz i don't wear a duppata, it doesn't qualify for my wildest-fanatsy-list !!

    Btw I spot my frnds in any damn crowd first, even though they always say that i stand apart from crowd.

    when someone puts this up "hey u did so and did not tell me?"
    I feel like,as if i have to anounce it to the world before i go to the loo !

  2. first of all, are you the duppatta covered face clad girls???? tell me!
    what do you wear/wrap that duppatta? batiyee bataiyee.. kahan ka insaaf hai yeh..
    face ko ladke dekh bhi nahi paate.. bachare!

    secondly.. yeah it feels so nice when you relax with legs sprawled around.. with no time limitations... aah bliss!

  3. - Peter
    You spot friends in any damn crowd first ? Thats cool!
    lol @ as if you've to anounce to the world :D haha! Well thats how it is most of the time..but some other times there are certain things you assume you know bout ur friends & vice versa , when you actually don't & you must have known!

    - Abhinav
    Lol! Yeah am the duppata clad girl ..& why ? coz I try to save myself from getting tanned :D
    Ladkon ka kya hai ?! Whether or not they're able to see duppata clad girls..they wld follow her till some point perhaps waiting for that duppata to be unwrapped ! Mehnat toh karni padti hai! :D

  4. Rum balls at times are so much more sumptuous than these whole choc cakes. And yeah, small things like these make life such a better place.
    Lol @ dupatta part!

  5. Isn't it nicer to meet a friend in a traffic jam just when you least expect them to It's always wonderful to accidently bump into ur friends :)

    Even I get anxious if my friends do things widout my knowledge :P
    My friend drove arnd in her bro's gypsy for 1 whole week and I did'nt know abt it..I was mad at her :P

  6. Nice post.

    Im gonna cover my face and see if any friends recognise me down the street ;-)


  7. - Crystal

    - Swats
    :D lol

    - Keshi
    sure do lemme know how many of 'em recognized!

  8. hey.. exactly.. the way you've written all this.. seems light fun.. there are these small incidents that happen in your life and we often ignore them..

    well.. the last 'nicest' thing I remember was when I found a Rs. 50 note tucked in the smallest pocket of my jeans just when I needed.. :P tht was almost an year ago.. and your post reminded me of that.. :)


  9. wel i never knew u did Art Of Living!!! :P

    and my friends nvr recognise me wen im in a dupatta.. its usually the oter way around.. seems like i dun got a taste fr rum ball

  10. hey.. call it co-incidence or whatever suits better...

    after reading your post in the morning I thought I'd keep in mind when such incidents happen..

    just an hour ago.. I was thinking of a song(hadn't heard it for a long time).. and was watching VH1.. guess what..?!! Just seconds after thinking, the song In The Shadows by The Rasmus was playin'.. that very moment reminded me of one of your 'nice' moments..

    felt awesome.. :)

  11. - Donna
    lol :))

    - Saad'
    Thats wonderful.Always make a point to remember these little things 'coz when you recall you feel very happy bout it :)
    And finding money just when you need it is the cutest thing :D

  12. haha @ ur post :D
    before that, i liked ur template..its very pretty and cute :D
    now @ ur post... lol i can recognize my friends in that stupid duppatta most of the time....but i suck with names and faces...confuse my juniors all the time...and i say, they hv the same faces and they are like, are u blind? :D

    yup it sucks when ppl say, hey u did this and didnt tell me, hawww :O :| i mean, what the hell... :|

  13. i liked ur blog name squaring a circle and the description to it and i like the name sugar cube a lot, btw :D :D :D
    why did u keep it as sugar cube waise? :-w are u so sweet :O
    i like sugar more than sugar cubes :| (yeah that was very random :-s)

  14. -Mads
    My goodness mads! You talk so much :D Haha! But I like it.I like to talk to people who talk a lot :P

    Firstly , Thank you !
    I'm not really so sweet.Just find the word 'sugar cube' really nice :)
    Thanks for your cheerful comment ;)


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