Friday, July 17, 2009

Lost & Found

A part of life is like a huge sea shore.
There are a hundred thousand and more people in the form of sea shells & conch.

Some you pick , some catch your attention , some hurt you when you walk over them , some are discolored but in the end - they all are the sea shells ; the people - The people you've met & the people whom you've known for a while or more.They somehow stay with you.They become a part of you because you are at the beach.But they never mean much to you..because they all look Alike. Because they all are a part of a unique herd but not so unique as individuals.

Now what if you find a distinctive feature in the collection ?? But you hide it..not because you do not want anybody to burgle away your booty but because you believe its not a pearl you were looking for or wanted.Nothing you can show off.

You dig a pit in the sand.Conceal your discoveries & long forget you'd accidentally found one.You assume its just another thing.Nothing unique.

After a long time find yourself digging the same place.Yearning to see your hideous material out of curiosity.Did anyone else find it ? Is it still there ? If it is..should I take it along ? Will it be of any use ? Just another shell ?
You are tired.Not lazy but casual about looking for a long forgotten shell.So you leave it as it is.And since it is a vast patch of sand you have footed upon , you decide to naturally run into other shells.

You still don't know if it was deliberate , if someone just wanted you to know what you have been missing but all of a sudden someone calls you out , runs towards you , places something in your hands , and says " You really were looking for it , weren't you ? Why did you give up then ? If anything precious deserves you & you deserve has to come to you even before you realize its worth."

I found the shell back or should I say the shell found me ?
There was a pearl inside it which I never noticed but to this day - I want to declare its worth.

The best part is my pearl shined like a thousand diamonds without any polish =)
I am thrilled . As if butterflies weren't enough for the week , lol.

Sure am popular for a few disguised pearls ;) So what if they're only a FEW ? Quantity doesn't matter.Connection does. ..Apart from quality.Pearls are highly qualitative btw.The weather is beautiful.Adds warmth to the entire episode.


  1. So I am the first again!
    Coooooooooooooolest template on this to start with!

    hmmmmmmmmmmmm... looks like something awesome is about to happen with you! Isn't it? explain a bit more please..! :)

  2. Phewwww Bouncer that was !!
    ok no Googly would be better ;)

    So you have touched a new shell, u have shifted to a new house which is obvsly bigger than a shell. ALl 'Shell'sh things happening in your life.

    enjoi it :)
    and yes .as abhinav said explain it or i want the hindi version of this post !
    lemme try google translator :P

  3. - Abhinav
    Coolest template ? I never find myself happy with any template :P
    But yeah this one's neat =)

    Explain more ? Umm actually this post is the explanation.The normal happenings cld be summarized in three normal sensible lines.I dunno why but I just felt like writing it this way.

    - Peter
    Yup I'm the new big shell & loving it!
    I cannot explain this.I know it doesn't make much sense & therefore the translator too won't..but just know I overhyped a tiny lil event :P

  4. Wow..!! That's what you call a total blog revamp or overhaul or whatever.. awesome.. looks really good.. I am feeling jealous.. :p

    well.. abt the pot.. a very good assimilation between humans are shells.. made sense all through.. :)

  5. hey nice one about possessing a priceless shell.... specially when u get to know its worth a little late and ur still able to call it yours... but this post makes me want to know more.. could u be a bit specific????

  6. I think I know wht you're referring to :P

    Cool temp

  7. I can understand first few lines.The later ones makes me puzzled . I cant get the inner meaning..may be you had purposely hid it!

  8. - Saad
    lol ! Mere template ko nazar lagne wali hai! :P

    Made sense & that too all through ? Arre wah..guess thats bcoz you did not try to interpret much =) which is good! :P

    - Donna
    Nah I won't be specific.You'll find the specifics very stupid compared to how I've described :P

    - Swats
    Nah nah..Not that :P

    - Srivatsan
    Yup I did hide the actual form of events but have been able to express whatever I wanted to.I've also exaggerated which is why its difficult to get the meaning.
    Thanks for visiting.

  9. beautiful post Sugar!

    yes quantity doesnt matter...connections do.

    btw d u know Keshi is a variety of Pearls ;-)

    And I like ur hot new temlplate!



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