Friday, July 24, 2009

Short curiosity killed the Tall Cat

Recently the only time that I strongly felt guilty of being short was when I was surrounded by three towering people in an elevator.Now in that tiny kind of place..I was pushed to the of the three TALL giants facing me , another towards my right & the third one towards my left - I felt like a lamb in a herd of giraffe. I just wished I was one of those fantastic that I cld stretch myself up to their level.

I knew all the three of 'em.That made it worse.It was like being surrounded by not just tall but familiar giants.Almost mocking me for being short :(

So the three of 'em were talking bout their result being declared.And my tall already hyper friend went super hyper on knowing that the result's out.I knew I sld be scared of this girl for being so anxious.Because when she is super hyper...she blurts out unnecessary things.I don't know when & how & WHY , but all of a sudden she said , "M..she is N "
Huh I was staring at her like I had suddenly transformed into a lioness from a lamb .I didn't know if I sld slap her first or say him 'Hi' first.I managed neither. I was frozen.

I knew the guy is M.That one person I been talking to online on & off since last three yrs.
M & I have more than a dozen mutual friends & acquaintances.But I'd never seen him nor had he ever seen me.
I had told my friend of him because I was curious to ensure that he is M.The other day both of us got to know he is M.But I was stubborn that I wldn't go & talk to him since he always seemed to be more interested in talking to me. Fair enough ?? Fair enough!
All these yrs , M occasionally asked me my cell no. & I gave lame excuses like I was sharing my cell with mom :D on which he said that he wasn't going to call me . So I was like..Oh good , whats the point then ? :P
I just found it a bit too weird to keep contact with M when I had only known him online.Maybe I bother too much bout what others might think.And since we were in a close network , I thought we'd naturally meet some day. I just wanted to keep it this way.

BUT to be introduced THAT way ..was embarrassing specially when my friend didn't know him at all ( except his name ) All I told my friend was that if he wanted to talk to me..he sld have been the first one to do so.But guys are difficult. :- to understand , keeping M in mind. And my super hyper friend is even more difficult to handle !

I'm dead sure he knew who I am .And yet that day he said , "Ohhh..I didn't know"
That was far from being innocent.

This is the first time I've met an online friend/acquaintance.I was comfortable meeting him for the fact that he wasn't a complete stranger. And yet..I didn't want to be the first one to go upto him & talk.All I can say is people are so different when you chat to them & so different when you meet them in real & I'm saying this even when I did not talk to him much.
But somehow I tend to paint a picture in my mind of how that person's body language must be. Assumption as it is..bound to have variations.

If someone chats to me in simple normal English..I have a different picture of that person in my mind .And if with those same words ..dat person wld tok 2 me in dis rathr common chattin style of eatin lettrs..I'd have a very different opinion/picture about that person.
I know thoughts matter more than a person's chatting style but I somehow always seem to analyze or picture them on the basis on their typing , lol. WICKED!

Anyway. Curiosity killed the Cat. If I hadn't been so curious to know who M is , I wld have never spoken bout him to my friend , and then my friend wld have never introduced us in a way that wld have left me feel so dumb.
It was even more embarrassing when the third tall person, M's friend chuckled & asked him "Offline ??"

Conclusion :
Super hyper friends can do senile things.Remind them to keep their mouth shut.

People you talk to online are very different in reality. Not good or bad , just different from what you assume them to be.

Guys are difficult.

The title is senseless.


  1. I know a girl 'J' she talks to me like i am her best frnd or somethng and the very next day I give her a smile when we meet in public and she walks away as if i have yellow teeth or i hv ugly braces ..or she is blind. or all of the possibilities ..

    # so conclusion number 1

    Girls are weird too :P

    I have met my fellow blogger Nidhi and she cud not be more real that what i thought her to be. she writes the way she talks and vice versa.

    # so conclusion number 2

    People whom u meet OL may/may not
    be the same :)

    and btw i too judge a person from the way he she writes or chats.

    and i am giving u my free impression about 'U'.

    You are reserved, simple(may be), docile (may be), dreamer(for sure), funny (kinda) short Girl(obviously).

  2. People you talk to online are very different in reality. Not good or bad , just different from what you assume them to be.. Possibly..I was dying to meet my online friend..i still am..he seems to hv forgotten me :(

    But I agree with ur POV..u might hit it off with some1 online..offline it cud b different..

    and i dont think you're short..anyway, i guess its d other way round..those 3 tall ppl were definitely intimidated by ur personality :))) cos u stood out!!

  3. I felt like a lamb in a herd of giraffe.... rofl.. :D I was laughing all through.. :P

    and M's friend.. hahahaa.. offline.. that was a brutal attack in a subtle way I'd say.. :P

    btw, even I've some times landed into a similar problem cuz of friends' hyperness.. it better to keep mum abt such subjects.. but then, who else would you speak to, if not friends?? ;)

    and yeah.. guys ain't that difficult btw.. :)

    guess what verification text I've to type now.. hyperie.. :P

  4. Everyone is not their true self online. Personalities take a 180 degrees turn while chatting... Take care about that..

    I have special sympathies for people who are vertically challenged.. I can understand their feelings (sigh!)

    Too many short-forms makes life difficult!

  5. HAHAAH gurl!!! nice encounter with this M guy.. suits you right!!! why is it dat i remember i had warned yu abut this thing??? hHAAHA nywyas kudos to M,s friend... 'OFFLINE?'

  6. - Peter
    lol ! No wonder..J is weird :P
    Meeting blogger friend must be different.You don't just chat to 'em , you read their lives.Get to know them far better than any of their actual friends , ain't it ? Its good though you found your friend to be exactly the same =)
    And I agree that ppl you talk to ol may or may not be same.But if they are not the blogger friends , I can gaurantee they will appear much different.

    You are a lil right bout me.I'm reserved & simple not docile though :S Funny ? lol Dunno :P

    - Swats
    Oh! I too wanna see another online friend of mine but I wonder if he ever wants to meet me :(

    Yup thats true!

    He short :) Intimidated by my personality ? Wow :D Ye kab se hone laga ? :P

  7. - Saad
    lol yup brutal attack :P

    Yeah friends do crazy things & we provoke them to :P Not their fault at all !

    I'm sure all guys aren't difficult ;)

    lol @ hyperie

    - Abhinav
    Quite probable.

    Vertically challenged ? :S Haw! Aisi bhi sympathy mat do! :D

    - Donna
    Lol! You're making me laugh so much. Encounter with M ..suits me right ?? Lol! No wayy!
    Honey you warned me of something else :P

  8. A good post here Sugar. I loved it. It spoke volumes abt online r'ships. It's imp to know all of this.

    **People you talk to online are very different in reality. Not good or bad , just different from what you assume them to be.

    Thats very true. I hv never met an online friend face to face yet, but I DO KNOW that they will be different in real. one cannot expect a person to be the exact same image of their blog-image when they r in real. cos in blogs/chats etc, all we do is WRITE n READ. Its hard to grasp a person's entire image just from reading and writing. And it's unfair to do so too. When u really meet someone, there's no reading or writing things come to light..such as talking, body language etc...and these will be brandnew things u learnt abt that person. So it seems strange. But if u continue to be friends with em in real, u will truly get to KNOW who/what they r. Its human nature.

    btw I dun like to give my number/address etc to most online friends unless I really know them well. one other reason why is cos Im not sure if I'll gel well with em in real. Cos once again, like u said, online and offline personalities r different.


  9. "ll I can say is people are so different when you chat to them & so different when you meet them in real"


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