Monday, July 27, 2009

You'll see it when you Believe it.

Its funny how we sit together & discuss future.Rare but some of the most special moments.
Discuss future ? Don't we all do that ?
Its kinda different in my family ..actually quite strange & funny with my dad.
It makes me nervous at times.It makes me want to fast fwd life the other times.
I wldn't prefer to go into past.I miss my childhood but I still have fun like a Kid.I watch cartoon with my younger sibling.I play along with him.I fight with him as if we are of same age.( Very immature here ) So my childhood & present is one & the same to me.
There's no rewind factor for me. Just forward. When things are clumsy & something nicer is approaching ..I wld just want to FWD time so that I grab the good things as early as I can.

A couple of weeks back ..we were discussing future.My dad wouldn't easily talk of it when he does I make sure I make him spill all the beans.But he is reserved about many things.
One of the things he told me was that he sees a lot of expenditure in the near future.
So I was like..maybe its all of the left over furniture to be bought ? And maybe some of his work-related stuff ?
He repeated A LOT OF.
Oh so ?
He smiled and said he doesn't have a wink of an idea where the money is going to come from & where it is going to be spent.
lol I was amused , as always.

We discussed few more things.I tried tactfully but couldn't make him reveal more future upcoming events.The atmosphere got a little sentimental.Suddenly we ended the conversation.I wish I could derive more.Because its not everyday my father talks of our written future.

My dad can predict.He can predict the unpredictable.And all we have to do is be prepared in our lives.Nothing can be changed ..that being warned of.But he cannot ever reason as to why something will happen & How ? He just knows WHAT will happen.

Its FUNNY.It absolutely leaves me dazed.I wonder how he keeps up with things when he can see future not being very good. Its must be tough being my dad. Sometimes I also wonder ...just how he is able to pull days neatly knowing trouble is around the corner.And for the most of it..I wonder why he doesn't help me with my career. I just need him to tell me once that whatever I've chosen to do is the rightest thing.
I guess it is the right one.But I'm falling weak Dad.
I wish he tells me what I'm going to be.I mean ..after all when its all pre-decided with our destiny & all that higher level of philosophical jazz which I abs do not question as it is out of my range of will be nice if I know what life has in store for me. So that I can begin to be THAT , begin to do what will eventually make me what I'm supposed to be.

Weird ? Yeah , this one ain't funny. Am dead serious.

There's a part of me ...the one that I'm fond of calling the Smart & Silent Believer who wants to make every living person on earth believe in destiny , luck & astrology.Prove it to them.
There's this other part of me..who thinks she can avail of the most defining experiences in life only if her dad makes it possible for her which he can but is in no hurry.

For me - Its not very important to Prove people how many amazing fantasy like things befall in and around our lives.
But if it can just strike for once...I'd like to taste the moment which I'm sure will be the most deliciously spicy dish I've ever had.

I never talk of my dad's talent to a lot of people.Not even with my closest friends.They never seen to be too keen to know.Or they never seem to understand what important , unbelievable & magical theory I'm sharing with 'em. If I sense that..I never speak of it again.But I've had enough of talking bout it to myself.
For I believe , if you know something special ...let the world know it too.
Because not everybody here is extraordinary.Really.
Don't have theories like those of the Old Egyptian Pharaohs who believed they will take Gold along with themselves after they die which is why their followers buried ornaments etc in their coffin.
Similarly Whatever it is here..enjoy it , spend it ( knowledge , money ) right here. Magical secrets need to be shared too , right here.

My belief in God has become stronger & much more confusing ever since I know of my dad's incredible talent which few more people share.But his take on life is the best I know for sure.
I've put a full stop on questioning God's existence.
Its not necessary to debate that anymore.

We see it only when we believe it.
Title courtesy : The book by the same name.


  1. Anyway,it is kind of bad thing,according to me,to know my future and also other's too.
    In my point of view,there is nothing called future.
    We make it.But i dont want to question other's faith.:)

    It is really hard to be a parent,may be its dad or its mom.You had to be controlled,should not show your fears to your kids.And you should protect them always.It is hard to be a parent.

    And dad's words always turns true.Accept it or not,one will realise it when he faces the damage after disobeying dad's warning/advice!

  2. i left this- knowing one's future,may it be good or bad,makes us lazy or stressed so that we dont work hard to get that future.Kind of a time paradox can happen!

  3. I want to know more about ur dad's talent. I am really interested :)

    And I stronglyyyy believe in God! I have never questioned God's existence and I never will..

    I do believe in luck and destiny. Somtimes, (im saying sometimes) v r slated for wht is fated..somethings r beyond ur control..

  4. Wow.. that sounds wonderful.. but as you said it must be hard for your dad to live in the present knowing the future.. that's something that is commendable..

    and don't worry about your career.. everyone has his day.. ;) woh kehte hai naa.. naseeb se zyaada aur waqt se pehle, kisi ko nahi milta.. that's very true..

    Well, I don't know if its related to the topic.. but there's something that happening with me - whatever I think, exactly the opposite of that happens.. so now I started to think negative and positive happens.. and this I ain't cooking up.. its real..

    anyways.. all the best for your career, since you're so concerned abt it.. ;)

  5. The turning point, I think, was when I really realized that you can do it yourself. That you have to believe in you because sometimes that's the only person that does believe in your success but you. :)

    If you believe that some day it's going to happen, some day it probably will happen. You just have to make sure you're there when it's happening, and ideally you're at the front of the parade, and the principle beneficiary of when it happens, but it's not a kind of thing where you just sort of sit back and wait.

  6. I have stopped planning for future so I don't have anything else to say about future..!


  7. your Dad is a foreteller ?
    I understand what do u mean when u say ..that people don't acknowledge what you are trying to tell them ...It happens with me too.

    DADs are great srsly, Mine too and if u understand his greatness and appreciate it .then u are great too seriously :)

  8. I wish I cud sit n talk with ur dad...he sounds like a very interesting person! WOW he must hv some secret skill there that I'd love to know more abt.

    God, Luck, Destiny, Future, Fate etc etc...I think all of em hv some TRUTH in them.


  9. AMEN!!!

    but really how can u take out so many details frm ur dad.. i mean ive never seen uncle talking at all!!!

    but gurl ur lucky!!! uve got an intutive dad!!! i am jealous allright!!! and now i understand as to y u stopped telling me abut ur dad... we jua had dis conversation once or twice... i mite be a tough nut at things liike this.. but its really healthy to listen to them.. keep feeding me on it!!! choa!!!!

  10. - Srivatsan
    Yup its not always GOOD to know your future.
    Just like you ..there are several others who think they make future themselves.It annoys me to the core that I cannot make you'll believe things you do not see yet ;)
    And btw its not JUST my faith.I've been proven innumerable times now.

    Its hard to be a parent, aye.But when I talk of my dad ..its not just my father am speaking about.I'm talking about the man who has been gifted with a beautiful power.
    I have the previlege to know bout it since am his daughter.

    - Swats
    I'm glad to hear you are 'interested'. Will tell you more =)
    Many things are beyond our control ..not just few.

  11. - Saad
    I really appreciate you acknowledged what I've spoken of whether or not you yourself believe it :)

    And thats true. Naseeb se zyda aur waqt se pehle kisi ko nahi milta :)

    Umm why are things happening opp. for you ? I think thats just your myth.Think only positive :)

    Ty for the wishes..hehe you have no idea how much am bothered bout much so that I do nothing bout it ;)

    - Americanising Desi
    Hmm :) Self belief is very important.

    - Abhinav
    I never plan future either but I keep talking of it all the time ;)

  12. - Peter
    My dad is an astrologer :)
    Hehe..very well said.Understanding your parent's greatness & appreciating it makes you great too.
    Loved it =)

    - Keshi
    He is a great person if you get to know him :) He'd be delighted to speak to you , am sure :)
    Secret skill thats not secret anymore ;)

    Yup those things have meanings beyond words.

    - Donna
    Its a tought task.I cannot always dig all the details.And he wldn't talk of these things with me often..far alone in your presence!
    Hehee..yeah you are a nut :P I did not speak more on it as you were dozing off :D Haha!
    Sure I'm ever ready to share it as along as you wanna listen to it =)

  13. Love it. Well yeah my dad also could predict a part of my life, and most of them have come true. And yes I'm spiritually inclined so for the most part I leave my life in God's hands. His will can rule my life. I know I've dropped my life in the right hands, GOD! I do feel sometimes what would really happen tomo? But at the same time it makes me nervous about any bad news! So, basically I live the moment. This moment. And typically enjoying to comment here too!

    Glad to read your post.


  14. i wanna believe in luck and destiny and i think i do, but sometimes it just seems so keep believing

  15. does he palm-read or do any sort of psychic readings?



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