Monday, September 14, 2009

Turtles Can fly

- I don't find maggie tasty anymore.My taste buds gave up on my fav instant food.I always thought I could never have enough of maggie.I was wrong.

- I too think that Atif Aslam cannot sing.Look its simple - a person can either sing or cannot sing.
There's nothing like a bad singer.
There's always a good singer , progressive singer & a brilliant singer.
So apart from Sunidhi Chauhan even I feel Atif cannot sing.I mean yes..his voice quality is great! But somehow I always tend to switch over to the next track if I'm listening to any of Atif's.There's a great deal of mutual 'aalap' or Rag or that 'aa aaa s s s' in all of his songs.He just has a melodious voice.So if he were talking , even then he would sound like he's trying to sing.These days it irks me to listen to his songs.I don't know why.

- I hate the fact that I'm not so hyper or excited about watching movies anymore.I haven't seen Kaminey yet & I of all the people , canceled watching it twice even when I could have easily gone! I'm not even using my manipulation skills to take off to watch Ice Age 3.

- My tally sir bugged me in the second lecture.He prolly thought I wasn't paying attention which is partly true.So he asked me stupid questions.

I was dumbstruck.
I really thought where in the world was I & why ?!
I was asked the similarities between Elephant & Rat! - in a tally class!!!
He was trying to give some parallel example but how ridiculous is that ?! And to top it all - when I wasn't replying & grinning - he said that if I won't answer , he'll mark me absent :|

My juniors are great , really! The answers I overheard were " Sir 2 eyes , 4 legs " + when I didn't reply in those 30 long seconds..the junior sitting next to me said "say Teeth"

I was so much in doubt whether I'm accidentally in class 2 !

Huh! I'm stuck with my juniors because of the batch timing problems & it sucks.It sucks even more when they ask me how an accounting entry is to be made :-| I'm so frozen even then ! But I loved it..when I answered something in the Excel class when nobody else could! :P It wasn't anything smart though..just a minute that only means that my juniors are dumb.

- For the very first time in my city , we are having the International Film Festival.Here too - my friend dragged me along.I wasn't excited about it at all which is weird! And I'm not even mad at her for asking me to watch the Bengali movie 'Jalsagar' .But I should have done my usual research on the movie before watching it.
Black & White movies shouldn't be called masterpiece! And who-so-ever does ..please let me know the movie is b&w ! I can watch anything 10 times..but not this - even once!
We somehow managed to bear the movie for 40 long minutes and then I knew I had to run or else I might collapse of boredom & the colorless screen.The guy sitting 2 seats next to me..asked me if I was scared watching the movie , lol

I said a rude 'NO'. So he started telling me that the song being sung in the movie is classical music.

As if I really didn't know what that is!

"Raag Bihag"

Oh thanks dude! I didn't know! Well..I actually didn't :(

I haven't touched my music notes in last 100 days , which is why everything that I learnt has evaporated!

- So overall I'm certainly so-not-me in all these events & instances.Movie , music,food..all of that which are my sphere of energy , crazy indescribable excitement - just lost some of its elements.

- I'm gonna watch turtles can fly which is an Iranian movie.I hope I make for it.(This time I did my research ...and the movie seems to be good , the classic good)

My city needs to be enthusiastic about movies.The crowd sucked!
I would want to relocate to some other place right now!

- Oh and..I have more number of drafts than posts in last two months.I have written so many things but don't feel like posting.I don't know why...& I hate those words "I don't know why"


  1. i also had this "enough of maggie" syndrome.. don't worry u will get over it :)
    Atif is not too bad..or is he?

    and I love the thing you have written on the right top corner of your blog...
    "Most of us miss....

  2. i am in a place which is 5 hours from ur place and which has al,most driven me to insanity....another 6 months and i am ready to jet off to any place other than film festival...gr8...guess it will take another 100 years to come in the place i currently am......maggi runs our lives atleast....:)

  3. hey take it easy dear:)..sometimes this phase do come...:)..u'll be jus fine:)...

    lovely post:)...

  4. Why do my exams always occur during a phase when there's something exciting going on in town, not that there's things too often!

    Happens... things you've always loved, seem like oh-puh-leez that's not in my league... Just sit back n relax... will get over...

  5. Ooh international film festival. That can be exciting, depends on the movies though. I like foreign films, just not the extremely artsy ones.

    And as for instant noodles, I don't think I can ever move on from them, heh. I love it!

  6. u r definitely not ur enthusiastic self..kya baat hai, bournvita girl? :P

    y dont u come to bbay fr sometime..vl eat, shop, watch films and gossip :)

  7. It was nice to read...

    "There's nothing like a bad singer.
    There's always a good singer , progressive singer & a brilliant singer." nice quote.. :)

    Interesting.... :)


  8. - RSV
    I guess maybe in sometime I might love eating maggie again.I'm just being weird for myself.
    Atif's not so bad.Just that I cannot tolerate his songs :|
    And hey..I haven't written that.I mean yes I've put it on my blog but its by an unknown person :)

    - Kaka
    lol..I swear ! Ngp too gets boring & I would want to get out of here.This place ain't peppy either :(
    lol ..100 yrs..well the film festival here too doesn't look so great.They booked a non-air conditioned theater to showcase all the movies :|

    - Yellow Tulip
    Thanks sweetie pie! But the problem is I'm not at all worried.If I were worried..this post wld have been kinda hyper you know :P

    - Akansha
    Yeah seriously!
    Ok..relaxing ! :P

    - Archana
    Hmm lol..I need to be loyal to noodles.I used to love them so much :P

    - Swats
    Nothing bournvita sis! :P Bas aise hee..
    Han han! I cannot wait to go shopping with you! :D and the gossips movies & food :D

    - Amit
    Yeah I feel there's nothing like 'bad singer'.I mean if you're a singer then it means you can sing.So how can you sing bad when you can sing ? :|

  9. You are having so many things in to your life..!
    who so many :| s ?

  10. Are you heading to your mid 20's ??
    Everybody starts feeling somewhere close to what you wrote around that age. usual likes and tastes gradually do not appeal that exciting. Its a normal transition.
    Or may be i am reading too much into it. Everybody in mid 20's in todays time had so much of maggi and atif aslam that they can no longer take it any more :)

  11. I am fed up of Maggi. Literally! I feel I have had so much of it that I just can't swallow it anymore..:D

    About your singer definition, I never really thought about that yaar. Its good. Either you are a singer or you are not! Period :D

  12. i hope u r feeling better now.

  13. This is one of those times when you just don't feel the old you anymore. :)

    Prolly a phase as you call it.

    I am sure things will be better... BTW,it is good to knw that you have a taste for world cinema... :) Have fun

  14. International film festival? :-0 which city are you from? We had one here in Chennai last november-december. Waiting for the next set. :)

  15. And what made you think that the question about the similarity between an elephant and rat as a silly one when you say your first love is science? ;-)

  16. - Abhinav
    Just for a day! Not really so many things.
    And whats 'who so many?'

    - Karan
    I'm heading to my 20s.So normal transition is a bit early in my case :|

    - Ekam
    lol...yeah either a singer or no singer ;)

    - Ria
    I was feeling better even before.I mean..I'm not depressed or upset.

    - Harshita
    I'm starting to feel the remix of old & new now.Back to my movie craze :) and so glad :D
    But I don't think its a phase.
    You're into world cinema as well ? Tell me the best ones you've seen!

    - Parth
    I'm in Nagpur.Even I'm hoping they have the fest here again & improvise on minor issues :)
    Lol..its a silly question! First love is silly..maybe that's why :P ok lol that's not at all logical..but c'mon nobody asks you such a question in a commerce field :|
    Oh btw..its nice to hear from you :)

  17. Your name is Justine is a Polish movie and I have seen it 3 times, for it is so crudely real and shocking. Itz abt a gal whoz kidnapped and forced into prostitution by her BF. I know we have seen many of them in Bollywood but this one touches your heart and wrenches it.

    Sadly I watch all sorts of world cinema on my TV... :)

  18. - Harshita
    Oh..I'll catch up with the movie soon.
    Thanks :)

    hehe..yeah I too watch most of the world cinema on TV :D


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