Wednesday, September 16, 2009

WATCH out!

How costly can costly get ??!
Tell me ..HOW much ?!

These are some of the world's most expensive watches as of today.

Wldn't you rather prefer owning a Ferrari or lets just say owning that in plurals ?

Shoes ? Diamond necklace ? Beach houses ? Super shopping ?! World tours ??

Its ridiculous ! I just wonder how ever anyone can invest so much money into a 'watch' :|

I mean ..yes most of us have a fetish for watches or shoes or diamonds in genral.And the riches have an expensive fetish for all of these.But at any rate..your car , house or even shoe wld come first come into notice than a diamond studded watch :|

And even if the watch comes into notice , who would believe its for 40 crore ??!

These are not even very beautiful.I've seen spectacularly beautiful watches from the brands Rolex , Rado , Tag Heur which were not so expensive.Yeah just about a hundred thousand bucks! lol..that's nothing compared to the ones here , isn't it ?

I'm saying as if I can buy any of those just-100-thousand ones.No I cannot.But its a digestible amount.

Fairly expensive.

But..40 CRORE ??!

I know..the billionaires can afford ( that's why such watches are made) , but if I were one..and given the fact that I'm a hardcore miser spendthrift ..I'd have a heart attack if I were asked to buy that.
Although I do find the 4 crore watch quite pretty!

PS : I watched Turtles Can Fly & it ignited my craze for movies ! So glad :))
Btw , the movie is a unique piece & one must watch it.Its not everyday you hear people applaud after a movie ends :)


  1. ridiculous money spending....when i feel a product is good enough at a certain price i dont believe in spending extra penny just to show that i can spend that much....i will see if i can download this movie....:)

  2. arey.. when is your birthday.. tell me.. I am going to gift you all of these.. paisa kya hai haan?

  3. I liked this watch...Luxurich....he he..
    and yes I won't have bothered that much in buying those watches Only if I had that much money....

    on a serious note is a waste...

  4. These are some of the world's most expensive watches as of today.

    I dont like them u know.

    i prefer simple ones.

    Cheers and check out my latest post.

  5. people who make them r passionate about it n love doing something which is out of reach to all!!...

    people who buy r those who jus want to say i'm passionate too...n nothing tat i love cant be owned by me

    rest all...r admires of beauty,some wish.. some dream,...some try to own them...

    all i'm trying to say is its magnificent... a drive to achieve tat might end up achieving something priceless too!!...soo keep tryin!!

    good post dear:)...

  6. 40 crore for a watch! Log bhi na!
    My 300 rs watch is far more beautiful than all these :o

  7. Nice that u brought up this topic ..lemme vomit my bhadaaaas out :P

    See, the Price of a particular watch doesn't only depend on the texture or the diamonds attached or the brand it is of, but it mainly depends on how accurate the watch is, for example, a normal Rolex watch wud be 100 times more accurate than an ordinary watch ..that means a normal watch over a period of 1 year gets slower but a Rolex (or any other hi-fi brand for that matter) would take 100 years to slow down by the same amount f time.

    The higher the price the more is the accuracy ..and that in turn symbolizes the brand ..

    well now coming to the other factor ..if a person purchases a watch worth 4 crores or 40 crores obviously the other person who is as rich or as poor as the guy wearing it, wud be able to notice it ..coz he can afford it too..unlike u or me who at least now can't afford to buy 'em ..all the accessories and luxuries depend on the kind of society u are in ...for us fastrack watches may look more attractive and a tag huer might may look like a piece of trash ...Looks are deceptive ...we dun say for no reason :P

    *sigh* enough of gyan :P

  8. @peter
    Thank you for the gyan meri taraf se bhi... :D

    @Sugar cube
    I buy Titan always... and none of them have been very expensive... but attractive enough to draw compliments, but the one most admired is one that cost me like 400 bucks, and it looks, only looks as if it's got real diamonds all over it.The first time I wore it, with a diamond ring in the same hand, people assumed both were diamond... ;) But honestly, I'd rather buy watches every year, than being stuck with one costing 40 crores, not that I can afford one now... but whenever... :D

  9. and to think of it there are ppl who have that kind of money to waste on a watch which is insanely expensive!!

  10. Haha watches can be extremely expensive. I love them - watches that it, not the price tags, lol. I wear one everyday so I can see the need for the beautification, diamonds, etc. Though I have to agree that when it's ridiculously priced, it does make you think...really, that much, for a watch??

    But I guess, if you live in the world of Lamborghini's, Caviar, Champagne & Diamonds, then 4 crores is the equivalent to a $100 bill. Watches are status symbols, just as much as cars, etc are. The world is oh so materialistic. Crazy right?

  11. What if they misplace it or loose it somewhere :P
    I dont even wear a watch. Its a redundant gadget for me,my mobile shows me the time and is with me every moment.

  12. interesting
    like the pics
    now a days i dont use watch,
    mobile gives me time and date also.

  13. Hey!!
    I love watches but I would never invest so much money on buying a watch that expensive :P I am so careless I would just leave it lying around somewhere and that would be the end of it :D :D (The fact that I cannot afford it is also another issue :P but even if I could afford it, I would use the money on something better not a watch!!)
    Besides, after mobile phones became a basic necessity, most people do not even wear watches - they can know the time staring at their mobile phone :P

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