Monday, September 28, 2009

The toppings

I have to relate most of the happening in my life with food.
So here's the topping of my pizza - pizza being the dance/Navratri fest.
The cheese :
Two more days of dandiya! Sat & sun! Major refreshing crowd.
Expected people.Awaited people =)

Paneer :
Yes , I've had nothing more than paneer tikka or chilli paneer in last two days.
Its yum! And I had enough French Fries too which adds up to a lot of cals but dancing compensated for it.

The extra ketchup :
Danced till 3 in morning.P2 joined me.Awin sent P1 to bring us both back..but instead she herself joined :D
Then finally , P1 dragged me off the circle.I think if I'd have fought a little , I could have easily gone back & danced.

I basically stopped somewhere in the middle , when she caught hold of me.Argh! I was so mad at her because Awin was in no hurry to rush back to home.
So while we drove back - all of 'em asked me if Chocolate shake boosted my energy.
I joked & said its all about "Junoon" :P

Really! Its about that passion for fun.About not skipping a single second out in the moment of fun.
I also shot at P1 that next time onwards gonna make her & P2 have some energy capsules before we head off to dance.How could they just give up dancing when there was so much space & music ? I swear I could have danced for another three hours or more ..if I wanted to which I did.I wasn't tired at all.

Oh hey..the current pizza of my life brought me some fame :D
I popped up on Page 3 in Times along with my friend and this - the very next day after my ratings on looks :P
But that was majorly because of my friend.Did I not mention , she looked gorgeous that day ?! Oh yes she did , so standing next to her turned out to be so magnetizing :D
Frankly , it helps me give my school friends a little edge , you know :D

But name was typed wrong :|
I shouted twice but the photographer still never got it right ! Poor me!
P1 however said "Naam mein kya rakha hai yaar ? Tune hamara naam roshan kar di "

I was like yeah.Kabhi toh I appeared on newspaper - so what if its page 3 - unlike p1 & p2 who run into excellent marks in every exam & hence appear in newspapers.

:) I had fun.I enjoyed a lot.I danced a lot! And I wore super great clothes.Fashionable! :D
No fashion faux pas this time :)) I'm so glad I didn't end up in something that's not attractive or doesn't suit me.
My dress did stand out I feel.It was a combo of Indian western.I love it =)

Happy Dashera Folks!
Conquer the Ravana within (picked from a message , as usual :P )


  1. wowieee .... taths a nice post ... and page3 is a real achievement for some girl ... and seeing ur energy and works u can seriously make it to the headlines one day ...
    kudos and cheers .....
    seems u really had a hell of a dandiya this time ha .... great ..

    m seriously missing out on those dances here in the college ..those til-late nights dances with junta around used to be a hell much fun and involvement in it ...

    jus loved those ...


  2. Waah!! Page 3 and all..So lil N is a celebrity now :P

    U r so mad about dancing :)

    No fashion faux pas this time..LOLLLLLLLL...

    Clothes r so important..really.. :P

  3. Oooh nice making it in the paper for looking fab. ;) Scan Pg3 and post it up for us to see your cuteness, heh. Sounds like an amazingly fun time with all that dancing. I love living the good life. :D

  4. happy festivities from my side....
    page 3 cooool...

  5. page 3!!! that's an achievement.. :P

    well, not if you plan to come on the front page.. :D

    I hope you found all the 'awaited' people.. and danced with them too.. lol.. :P

    Happy Dussehra!

  6. Lol Saad! Hahaha! You always notice the details , eh ? :P

    I did find some of the awaited ppl :)
    didn't get to dance with 'em though :(

  7. Page 3! It's Cool.. :)
    Ur post say..U enjoyed a lot... :)
    Wish u more fun.. :)

  8. Aha! that's the POST!! :)

    Hmm... so u r having loads of fun... gud naa.. and see looks ke jhameley mein u gained so much... Moral is : U are the best the way you are...and you are beautiful.. stop passing the parcel of looks to someone else... :D :D

    Herez to our super-good looking Sugar-cube..

  9. - Simba Tago
    No ..its not that big a deal ..I don't live in a metro.And its plainly thanks to my friend that I got clicked :P
    Yes I had a 'heaven' of raas dandiya this time ;)
    Ohh..dancing is fun ..always grab the opportunity of dancing :D

    - Swats pamper me so much :)
    Nahi nahi..abhi kahan celeb ..yahan par appearing in pg3 is not that huge ..but it still feels good :)
    hehe..yeah am crazy about dancing !
    loll..yup clothes are so very important!

    - Arch
    =) making it in paper for standing next to a pretty friend - its like that :P
    Oh yes..superb time I had!
    yes I'm sure you live a supercool life :)

    - R S V
    To you too , thank you :)

    - Saad
    I already replied :P

    - Ekam

    - Amit
    Thanks! :)

    - Swapna
    :D What more can I say ?!

    - Harshita
    lol @ stop passing the parcel of looks
    Awesome line! :P
    Thanks a lot :)

  10. your craze for dancing makes me recall my mad times :D

  11. aaaaaaah. a fellow mad about dancing blogger. :) happy to know you sugar cube!


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