Monday, September 7, 2009

Join the admirer club!

Success can be attributed to Luck.
Holding onto that success & carrying it forward is attributed to Hard Work.

Now that's the BEST one I've heard in a long time regarding Luck Vs Hard Work!
And that too coming from Shaahid Kapoor !

I admire that man more than I ever did.Yes yes yes..I love the chocolate boy he's been playing on screen.I love him generally for his cute looks & for his great acting + dance talents.
But I've never been a HUGE dying FAN of him or any celeb for that matter.
I'm mostly an admirer.

I love such people.Genuine.You can easily make out which one of 'em is!
Its pure co-incidence that I've been coming across Shahid's interviews & I really am paying attention to the things he says.
Few days back , when he was asked something related to Kareena ..I guess something referring to her making muddy comments on him ( I didn't hear the question properly ..he looked too cute in his glares & gelled hair for me to concentrate on anything else )
He very honestly ( I feel so ) , candidly & w/o being too modest said that he wished Kareena all the best for her life & sweetly added that 'people' must care & focus more about their work & life than giving statements.

I was like wow! This guy's got guts to call a spade , a spade! I just don't remember the exact words..maybe I will find them up soon..but the way he said it made sense! And I felt like giving Kareena two tight slaps for even thinking of another guy while the best damn guy was right next to him!! ( Nothing against her except for this one bloody fiasco she's made )

Poor her!


  1. hey my sentiments exactly...:(..they were jus too perfect yaar..wat happened to her...gave up on him soo soon?:(...he's too cute:)..

    i really felt soo bad when she broke n all that:(..

  2. nice piece of write... nice way to credit shahid.. yeah offlate he's been taking good roles in cineama n life...


  3. it is always upto a good director and a good script to get the best of a good actor....remaining level headed after success comes is is very easy to get carried away...shahid has been the benificiary of both..:)

  4. Nice post..

    "Success can be attributed to Luck.
    Holding onto that success & carrying it forward is attributed to Hard Work."

    Really it's gr8 lesson for our life... :)


  5. Nice post.. i m also not a die hard fan.. i am an admirer! :)
    And respect for Shahid Kapur increased after Kaminey!
    Nice boy he is!

  6. Same thoughts! I mean what was that pagal Kareena thinking!

    Waiting for you message log.

  7. I have not seen Kaminey yet(since I missed a chance to watch it in theater) but yes I saw his recent interview with Farah Khan. He has really matured with time(but still possess those cute looks)...
    regarding Kareena I heard she is seeing Saifu these days...but can't comment...
    the genes of Pankaj Kapoor are really doing their work...

  8. umm that's all cool about him ..but u can't just slap Kareena without listening to her side of story.
    I am not a KAreena fan, neither do i hate Fahid Kapoor but yeah ..if it's a mutual break up we can't blame anyone or can blame everyone !

    know what i am saying :P?

  9. Well, one thing I liked abt him that he gave all credit to Kareena for supporting him thru his lows... :) So that speaks for his attitude towards people and life...

    he said relationships stay, success fades away... :)

    I am not a big fan myself but I like it wen people talk sense...

    Good post waisey :)

  10. I wholeheartedly agree with you..I am smitten by Shahid Kapoor..He has really slogged to be where he is..he has truly evolved as an actor..

    He speaks sense..he doesn't blurt out nonsensical one liners to hog the limelight

  11. Shahid Kapoor... ufffffffffffffff!!!!

    i wonder when i will get my eyes on Kaminey but because i m not too high on priyanka, i dunno when will the day come :(

    i took ages to watch kismet konnection cuz i abhor vidya!

  12. Hows u Suga? :) Just saying Hi to the loveliest ppl in Blogville today.

    TC n hv fun!

  13. Lovely line that was, and so true too!
    And whats happening lately seems to indicate that he may be the next SRK ...
    And please dont slap Kareena ... :P

  14. I don't follow too much Bollywood gossip, but I actually think he's better off without her. :)

  15. i do not follow bollywood gossip.but shahid is good looking i agree.

  16. I like Shahid too... he's so cute... even in those awards function, he very obligingly got up and sang dhan te nan...

    I think you're referring to TMBM, are you? I missed the episode...

    I never liked Kareena, and even tough I liked the pair, Shahid's too good for her I believe...

  17. - Yellow Tulip
    aww yea me too :(

    - Simba tago
    good roles in cinema & life :) Yup

    - Kaka
    Yup..the second point you've made is what sets Shahid apart from other!

    - Amit
    Yup! I love those lines :)t

    - Abinav
    ohho ..aap bhi?:) Cool
    lol @ nice boy :P

    - Ekam
    lol 'what was pagal kareena thinking' :D Haha!
    My msg progress :P

    - R S V
    Even I haven't seen Kaminey as yet ! Yup Shahid sounds extremely mature & seems to be cool headed.

  18. - Peter
    slapping wala part thoda zyda hee ho gaya :P
    And I know what you're saying.Nobody can be blamed but it looked too obvious after Kareena found a back-up.

    - Harshita
    Yup..that's really so nice of him :)

    - Swats
    Yup..among most of the actors..I've found Shahid the most sensible.

    - Americanising Desi
    Kismet connection was an ERROR.Pathetic movie!
    Viday looks too old to play opp. Shahid.

    - Keshi
    Hey..good to hear from you :)
    How you been ? I'm good :)

    - Karan
    Yeah I guess he cld be the next big superstar!
    Lol..fine fine I won't slap her :P

    - Archana
    lol :) Yeah right..poor her once again :P

    - Sm
    Not just good looking.He's a good human being :)

    - Akansha
    Not just TMBM..I watched few other interviews as well.The one with Rajeev Masand is where he talked about his break-up - for the first time.
    Kareen's a good actress.
    Yeah Shahid's too good for her :)

  19. There is not much meaning in talking of affairs of film actors.They are not other people caring much about affairs or even sex.These are just casual matters in filmdom.May be they need talks of affairs simply for publicity sake and may be adding to their viewer community

  20. - Thomas
    This post wasn't really about the affairs.It was about the person in question here.


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