Thursday, September 24, 2009

Factory of tiny facts

My skin is oil factory.That's how someone once described it.Exaggerated off course but still apt!

A dancing oil factory is no good either.I'm sweating buckets and don't feel the need to go to gym as long as I am dancing which is definitely helping me burn calories.But there's something majorly wrong with my skin :| and my body too.I get tired too easily which is why I'm unable to dance much.And on top of that , my skin oil factory is troubling me helluva!

Anyway , in spite of having cramps in my foot & terrible pain in my leg muscles , I've been dancing like no one's watching yet still very much aware that I am sometimes watched by one of those 100 odd spectators.

Navratri is in full swing! My city is good at something after all :) We have great events organized by some people here.The best part about these navratri events is that..the cream crowd of the city comes under one roof in the best of their clothes! :D
I'm a lil disappointed with this yr's crowd though.Its not so ultra cool like it used to be any other time before but am past having crushes so it doesn't matter anyway :P

I had my moments too.One was where I met this girl from school ..who was a good friend of mine back then but I lost touch with her after school.So it was EXTREMELY nice when she called out for me so DELIGHTEDLY :) See..a genuine wish to talk to someone just comes out naturally.And when she said she had been trying to come to my place , I was even more thrilled.She's a great girl & been a cool friend.No pretenses.No show off attitude.Intelligent , good looking & sweet.
Felt good talking to her.

Then I met another school friend.No actually a lot of them.But this guy , H - I saw him after 5 years!! Although am quite sure now that guys have a pattern in greeting a girl ..they always begin with "Oh ?! I didn't recognize" even when its so obvious that they recognized you much earlier :|
So I was the one to initiate the talk.I crossed him while he was sitting with his folks and since I was too close to him , I called out his name.And then he STOOD & talked.Courtesy! I like it.I forgot what that recognizing part was anyway :P

Saw some similar faces.And the eyes of those similar faces were on my friend- the bday gal! She was looking way too pretty that day.

Its not fair.Its not fair that all good looking people are into my life.No ..its not fair that in my life , I have the best of the good looking people.And specially the best of my friends.

I need some attention yaar! :P Its just NOT fair !!!

I'm not jealous.I'm sad jealous - one where I cannot do much.
I don't wish that they looked just average.
All I want is - to match up to them - in looks.

Beauty lies in the eyes is bullshit.
Beauty is where beauty is! Not in the eyes.

I was freaked out about all this.My skin , my looks , my height!
I think I still am.
Next time ..I see more number of good looking people around - I'm sure I'll go into depression.

But anyway...Its Dance time for now.
Oh and..I have a dying urge to cuss M.He's acting so weird!


  1. I was a oil factory too, and no matter what these cosmetic,herbal care fellas say, it cant be cured, it would surely reduce with age,give couple of years more :)

    LOL @ Beauty is where beauty is!

    Sadly thats true, but we all start giving priority to skin deep beauty as we age ... and that stays longer,so better have it and not worry about height and stuff like that!

  2. Loving what you see in the mirror is the first step to others also noticing your beauty. And of course, there are always beautiful people. But you can't life your life comparing yourself to others, when you should be working towards establishing yourself at your individual 100%. :) Trust me, feeling good about yourself, shines on the outside and makes up for close to 50% of beauty. The other 50% is what you're born with.

    Anyway, point being, love yourself woman! :) And about the oil, ugh, I can't stand being oily too. You should pick up some oil blotters, they are amazing! <3

  3. enjoy the festive season but do take care that u dont end up with an injury!! Lol@oil factory, liked the way u hav written abt ur friends. :)

    Hope u get the attention u desire. :D

  4. hey!!!take care of ur leg and dont hurt urself...:)...dandiya is place where u can get attention...:P...and i think wat archana said is very

  5. I love you. I really do. I love the way you write. You are so adorably cute. So innocent. So genuine. You have a heart of gold. It reflects thru ur posts.

    I understand the importance of good looks. I used to think like you when I was in college. Now tht I'm almost 26, I've realized tht thre is more to a person than looks or a hot bod. I mean it. It's not bullshit. I agree looks matter. I'm not denying that. I myself am quite obsessed about the way I look. But looks fade away.

    Guys are definitely drawn to good looking women, no two ways about it! But, eventually the 'real' person matters to them more than anything else..

    And N, u r so well groomed and hep..Y do 'u' have to bother of all the people!!!

    But yes, oily skin is an issue..I agree..Copy pasting wht I'd written on my blog:

    Oily skin- Maybelline’s WHITESTAY UV fairness compact power works wonders for greasy, oily skin. Don’t mistake this for a silly ‘instant fairness’ tip or a way to lighten your skin tone. I am specifically suggesting this for those with oily skin. In fact, it is so popular that it is usually out of stock.

    TAKE CARE! Muah!

  6. Arrey... this is just skin beauty re... oil factory, haan it's anyway way toooo hot here right now for sept end... :|

    Meeting old faces... is always a HUGE pleasure, and daandiya mein toh kya baat hai... :D

    LOL at going into depression... at this rate I would be depressed every single moment of my life... :P

  7. I love the way you write....
    So innocent. So genuine. You have a heart of gold. It reflects thru ur posts. and so I repeat swats words....

  8. bhai thoda dhyaan se dance karna dandiya mein.. your oil factory may make you slip off the dance floor otherwise.. :P

    well yeah.. I agree abt the fact that friends should not be 'more' handsome.. :P complex aata hai yaar.. :D

  9. beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,
    looks are deceptive.

    see, so many confusing concepts ...just feel beautiful and u will look beautiful !
    btw i hate it too when so many good looking people surround me :(

  10. Screw it...

    We love who you are...dont we?? Yeah! we do.

    And I kinda think... u r good looking... am sure... everyone else will agree..*wink* *wink*

    Depress all those so-called people next time u see them, with that smile and attitude of urs...hehehe... Hisaab baraabar!!

  11. and i share ur oily problem :(
    but i keep loreal wipes with me... that keeps them really neat and clean :)

    try it!

  12. - Karan
    Couple of yrs more ?!! You're scaring me! And yeah I've tried almost everything to shut down my oil factory..but nothing worked.So maybe few yrs then :|
    Skin deep beauty is given priority when we then teens mein toh skin beauty hee chahiye na ? :P

    - Arch
    Thanks girl :) I do agree with feeling good about myself & loving myself.
    But its not about comparison.Its about what is obvious prima face.
    lol ok..I'll try oil blotters now.

    - Ria I won't injure myself.
    yeah I hope so :)
    Happy Navratri!

    - Kaka
    Thx for your concerns :)
    lol yeah dandiya is a place where you get all chances to be miss cynosure :P

    - Swats
    Ow! I love you too sis! :) Thanks *hugs*
    Why do I bother ?? Hmm because its not fair :P lol
    Ok when you say ..looks fade away , then am giving into it.You know the best :)
    Maybelline..yup I remember all your tips :) I'll try this on.Thank you very much!

    - Akansha
    Yup! Its blazing hot yaar! :(
    hehe..haan dandiya mein toh you get to meet so many ppl!
    lol ;)

    - R S V
    Wow! Something like that coming from YOU! I'm flattered.Thank you!

    - Saad
    Haha! lol're one hell of a funny guy! How come manage to add so much humor to everything ? :P kaha! complex ata hai :)

    - Peter
    Looks are deceptive , I agree.
    But beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder - I disagree!
    Feel b'ful - I do.The problem is it doesn't change my features overnight :P
    Oye! And you toh don't say that you loath being surrounded by good looking ppl!
    In fact , other who are around you , must say so! :P
    Tumko kya tension ..You are good looking :)

    - Harshita
    Hehe! Hello miss supercoool! Thx for the love :)
    lol ..your fundas are great as ever :)
    Chalo fine..I'll depress others :P

    - A D
    Thanks! :D've given my another option.Will try that! Thx!

  13. LOL, it's been an interesting and witty post. Loved the bit about "Beauty is where beauty is!"

  14. Aww..dont u worry abt the oily skin..i have oily skin too..a couple of washes a few times a day will keep the oil at bay :)


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