Saturday, August 18, 2012

Disco 82!

Fresher party!
Our theme for the party was Disco 82. 

The most interesting part of the party was the Mr & Miss freshers round.

round 1 : Introduce yourself and exaggerate.
Almost everyone did well.

 Round 2 : Role play.
 > Monjolika act with Sunny deol :D
> Dolly Brinda fighting with Nana Patekar
> Proposing in 70/80s style with the girl rejecting.
> Daya ( from Tarak Mehta ) & ACP Pradyuman conversation.
> Dharmendra suicide scene from Sholay in Rajnikant style , while Basanti as Pooja Mishra ( spare me !! :D )

Super amazing juniors. Each of them rocked the roleplaying session.

And the third round was the usual questions & answer round.
One guy was asked what would he first look in a girl ?
Now  now now..thats a controversial question. No guy is going to answer that straight face in all honesty. He said eye and sandals. :P
Another guy was asked what superpower he'd like to have.
He said 'scanner' if am not wrong.

Suddenly all creativity seemed to have swiped away in the third round. :|

I head-banged crazy on powerful tracks. I was aware of the disapproving glares and little bitching sessions...but who gives a damn ?! Nothing comes between me and dance :D

Also I think the best part is the superawesome gang of friends I have. I can be myself 200% :P
I danced like a maniac ( need not be mentioned ) if I were drunk And it was fun.
Its always fun to be crazy ;)


  1. DANCE,HEAD-BANG,MANIAC........!!!!!!

  2. It was fun.. though late but that was fun..


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