Saturday, May 30, 2009

In my NEXT life...

I'm not one of those who forms a firm opinion about certain controversial / unbelievable / superstitious facts but do like to view them in different lights.Re-birth is one of 'em.
I don't know if it ever 'happens' or not.
But I somehow believe in the cycle on birth & death.
And so , I also think that some people are able to recollect memories from previous births.

Almost 4 years back , I watched a documentary on discovery channel where strange cases from different parts of the world ( yup , not just India ..unlike few people who think that only Indians believe in such 'crap' ) were given an account of.
I was thrilled.
There was this 15 yr old girl from Sri Lanka who for many years had been telling her parents that they are not her actual parents. She used to tell 'em of how she died by drowning in a river.Used to talk of weird places her parents had never heard of.She was scolded , beaten by her parents.When in spite of all their efforts in making the girl 'normal' failed , her parents decided to do some research. With the help of newspapers , they got few responses.
Out of the 17 strange things told by the girl , most were found to be true.
They located the place she used to talk about.Even met her parents from previous birth.
She cried & stumbled on the feet of her soul parents.

Second case was that of a 4 yr old boy probably from Canada who had a hole in his heart.His mother's father was a policeman who was shot in his heart many years before his birth.The boy told the names of the pet cats to her mother , the names her father used to call out , something that was never mentioned to him.Her mother strongly believes its her father who has come to see her.

I am not too sure how reliable discovery channel can be but somehow i just trust everything they have to tell me :-)
Facts & figures state that most of such cases are found in Sri Lanka where a lot of people believe in re-incarnation/re-births. ( as told by Discovery )

There are such cases in India as well but I haven't personally known or met a single person who knows of his past life.All I know is , if it is possible then I can at the most plan my future births ;-)
I'm never bogged down when people tell me am short. 5'1 is nothing.I know that!
I always tell myself " In my next life..."
With anything that I do not have in this life
Too many friends ?
" Ah , my next life..maybe"
killer looks ( beautiful beautiful )
" In my next life..."

There are certain things that no matter how much I pray , am not going to be able to gain/change in this life like my height / looks / hair more recently :P
So I pray for them to be there in my next life.
And just in case there's no next life..then well am praying for a next life to live exactly the way I want to.Not that am not happy the way I'm now but who doesn't want more ??
No shortcomings.At least in one of the lives :P

Why doesn't discovery channel air such shows anymore ?


  1. i remember seeing something similar to case 1. it was eerie!

  2. I have seen that show too or at least somethng similar on discovery.. If u ask me then i do believe in such concepts ..I have seen that in my family so can't really deny it !!

  3. Umm I dnt knw what to say.Never experienced or seen that show..But my mom tells me that she had a friend in school whose sister use to say that her parents are not her 'actual' parents..Mum doesnt have an update of that girl..So cant say anything beyond this..
    But for sure given a chance I would love to be born creative and intelligent.. Fingers crossed now :)

  4. first of all i will not comment.. how can people comment b4 me.. Sugar Cube.. please pay attention..
    secondly darao mat yar.. darawni post hai.. mereko apna purana janam yaad aagaya..!


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