Monday, June 1, 2009

Best Job in the World

The job of an island caretaker was tagged the best job in the world & in a alot of ways it really is one of the best.More than 34,000 people applied for this & the lucky one who nabbed it is a Brit , Ben Southhall , 34.
What makes him lucky or the job the best one ?
Well the luxury of working only 12 hrs a MONTH , swimming , snorkelling , living in a beach house
Collecting a cool ..supercool $ 100,000.

Other best jobs in the world are known to be that of a -
Brazlian body painter , wine maker etc.

Personally , I think the best job in the world is that of a globetrotter ; one where all your trips are funded AND you are paid to travel !
Couldn't get better , isn't it ??


  1. Ohh I read this somewhere ..may be T.O.I ka bizarre news column.
    btw i would love to do the job u mentioned, tho not sure if it's the best :D

  2. Its all in the news & I myself read in TOI :P

    What do you think is the best job then ?

  3. arey wah tumhare bhi TOI aata hai?

  4. Han ji..hamare yahan bhi TOI!
    lol =)

  5. Mere ghar to HT aata hai [boasting expression on] lol :P
    me too would love to do this best job par swimming nahi aati .. :( chalega na?? ;)

  6. Ooo HT :P
    TOI's the best :D

    Swimming ki kya zarrorat ? Oh accha you want the job of an island caretaker.
    pata nahi..kaam chala lenge :P
    Waise even I can't swim :(


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