Saturday, June 6, 2009

Confession carried from beach

I still visualize beach all around me . I still see some really pretty sunsets as I close my eyes. I can feel the breeze with my hair frizzling all over . I can vision the roads , the calm & cool environment & peace all together. I'm so high on my feelings that its going to take me lot of time to overcome the same :)

Wow! Its been exactly an year & I remember everything to the very detail.The picture , the beauty of the trip is so clear in my head that I could paint some moments if only I were a good artist.

But , I have to make some confession.
It was all good , definitely..but somewhere down the line there's a REGRET.
I could have taken a close friend along.I did not even ask her once :(

Also , it wasn't completely a very euphoric trip.I cribbed so much.Nagged even more.

Honestly ...I wish we'd spend more or maybe managed to stay in a 4 or 5 star hotel + few more ppl together.It would have been PERFECT then.

Am checking over pics again.Completely forgot I'd even uploaded few in a post.
I love the captions I've put : Pics

PS - If you ever go to Mauritius , in case with family..make sure you are a LOT of ppl & also that you stay in an expensive hotel :P
If you're out there for honeymoon..well it doesn't matter anyway.Stay anywhere! :D
But yes again , 5 star resort would be gr8.They serve dinner at beach with champagne and all :P
Super romantic!


  1. me tooo plzzzzzz ..
    main tumhare saamney haath jodta hun ...plzz bhagwan k liye mujhey chood k maat jana :P

  2. Haha! Lol Abinav & Peter!
    Let's chose some other destination :P

  3. Im such a huge fan of Sunsets! u lucky girl. :) Im glad u soaked in Happiness!


  4. wooooooooooow.........Mauritius..Wht luck yaar..
    mujhe bhi jana hai.. ;)

  5. I m done with engg ...
    no work , no job..and nothing..
    u can take me :P i m free (of cost :P)

    P.S: arre le chalna :|,,,mere pass kuch kaam nahi hai..*sob sob *..ll take care of ur baggage lyk my own child :|


    i was actully waiting u wuld ask me!!! heheheh...

    but next time i go.. ur tips on my mind...

  7. Donna :
    That was you girl! Am so very sorry :(
    It all happened so fast..I just sorry!
    Next time..definitely! =)


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