Friday, June 12, 2009

L'il Geezer in Likes

I feel stupid right now thinking of this & quite foolish too.Moreover , I'm both shocked & surprised at the same time and that too over such a small issue.
Ok so the point is that..there are times when having known a person/friend for a long feel triumphant over knowing everything about them..their tiniest likings & dis likings & then all of a sudden they reveal something you'd never known ( no great secret as such ) and you wonder HOW THE BLOODY HELL you didn't know ?!
I felt an urge to ask my friend " Ah , you never told me"
And I could imagine the reply being , "Oh , you never asked me!"

But then..when my friend told me of her likings in things that I thought she was least interested in..I could see a smug on her face.As if she outwitted me. That made it worse.
Damn! 4 years ??? And I didn't know! Such a close friend on top of that!

Anyway it was just regarding novels & English movies , lol.
But I still feel so defeated!

Damn you T !! Damn you!!
Lol! Heck! Its funny I'm bothering 'bout it.
But the lil geezer of the moment is that - No matter how long & well you a person ..there comes a time when you are ready to bet dollars to doughnuts over some aspect of their personality about which you are so confident - that turns its back on you so that you end up losing dollars or the case may be ! :P
Not always but at times.
I still hate to remember the smug on my friend's face ! Damn you T !!!


  1. hehehehhehe
    yeah it're so cute ya :P

  2. hehehe.. I second Swats.. u r adorable.. cho chweet post :)

  3. yaa i felt the exact same thing a few minutes back. i took this quiz created by my friend, which basically told me how well i know her. i have known her since about ten years, and got 4 out of 7 questions right. pretty good score, but the answers i got wrong were those i was most sure about!

  4. LOL @ Dollars to Doughnuts :D
    yes it sucks, I knw :)

  5. Very cute of you to say that ! thank you
    @ Swats & PG !

    FB quiz innit ? I see updates over my account for the same & ppl are too shocked with the results.I'd blame the quiz.Not everyone can get it wrong
    @ Rima

    lol liked the phrase , han ? I love it :D
    @ Peter

    Abinav ji ..aapko kyon kuch samajh nahi aa raha ?
    @ Abhinav

  6. ya fb. but its still nice to take them.

  7. i keep having such phases!!! sotta used to!!! but wel shims ahem... BLESS YOU!!!

  8. 4yrs is nothing Sugar :) Sometimes we live with the same ppl an entire lifetime and we still dunno many things abt them hehe...


  9. Hey !
    Well ... think about it, if you knew EVERYTHING there is to now about someone, wouldn't it be so boring to know them then !!! We change everyday . You might suddenly try out a new coffee place and decide you like it there, even though you hate coffee generally. We change every possible moment, and everyone does too. Getting to know new things about your best friend, mekes him or her more special and you gives you guys more scope for conversation and something to laigh about, right ?

  10. Yea ..i've shocked you enough for you to get used to it :P
    @ Donna

    lol..its very unsettling & kinda makes you restless
    @ Keshi

    Hie dreamer..well with respect to 'changes'& having scope of conversation - you are right.
    My point was I sld have known it as soon as it happened.I sld have seen it coming :)
    This wasn't about the change though.Grr I'm at loss of words to explain this but do accept your point although not directly related to my situation :)
    Btw , I do not hate coffee.Never!


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