Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dad's happy :-)

Dad seems to be so content.He always is.
He doesn't just say things..he really means it.So yes he is celebrating every day of his life in spite of all the other things that add tension in life. I wish he knew what celebration meant to me.
Dad pleaseeeee lemme go watch Wolverine , lol

He'd been to this all men party yesterday given by one of his club's friend.
And he enjoyed A LOT
He was telling me how everybody was singing ..talking..& the joy with which he said made me very happy.
People even complimented him when they heard him sing.
And today in the morning he was all praises for music which is going to help me make my efforts stronger to sing ;)
yup , am back to mujik.Trying to sing
I'm not at all good with high & low notes which is everything about singing lol
And then I sing in a way that is inaudible to myself :-
But sir's been encouraging me so am gonna do my bit - make some genuine effort.

Coming back to my daddy dearest..Happy Father's day pitashri! :P
You're the best!!! Thanks for being so kind when I've been my worst.
Thanks a lot.


  1. heyyy..u learning to sing?
    thts amazing..dont let anything hold u bac
    u'll rock!!

    happy fathers day to all fathers!

    fathers r sooooo sweeeet, humble, caring, understanding..i love my paa :)

  2. happy father's day to all the dads :)
    so u sing eh ?
    cool :)

  3. => Swats
    No , not learning officialy as such..just trying to sing.Ok yes learning , lol!
    Yup dad's are the best =)

    => Peter
    Trying to..trying to =)

  4. Happy belated Father's day to all th fathers out ther who make us children's lives so easy and lovable..
    Love u dad.. :-)

  5. wud u believe it if I tell ya that I love singing and that I do sing in public? :)

    Happy Fathers day to ur wonderful dad!



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