Friday, May 15, 2009

Cute cut ? Alien cut!

Last week wasn't great at all.My stupid mistakes.My highly untrustworthy temper & friends who give a little hint like you could skip a paper and re-attempt in few months.
Scolding from parents.Terrible one! Horrible!
My mind was on catastrophe.Thank god I didn't took time out to blog 'bout it! :D
I mean really THANK GOD I did not.
I understand blogging is an addiction of sort.If not for writing a post , at least for signing in again & again to see blog updates , reading listed & unlisted blogs , comments etc.
But once again , Thank god!

I like the fact that I actually believe in 'whatever happens - happens for the good'
Old dull saying to excuse ourselves from reality. ( we only say it during tough times ) But I like it.Specially because it has been a kind of blessing in disguise.I'm not getting in details.Thank god!! :D

The only case to point out where I do not comply with the old saying is when I got a haircut!
I mean a bad haircut cannot do anybody good!!
Although I had a haircut just two months back ( when I took Madonna's pic of her blond layered haircut which is too sexy only if you have such hair ) , I decided to trim 'em again.My hair has started falling rapidly again.Its been more than 6 months I recovered from typhoid , after which my hair was literally DISSOLVING.I took homeopathic treatment which did wonders but only for a while.My hair's getting thinner day by day & I have no idea what to do bout it!
At least no sane person would wash her hair with 3 shampoos together ?! I used to do that.Cut short to two shampoos presently :P

Anyway so I got a haircut (not at all worthy ) which is not even anything great.I just couldn't decide if I wanted to trim my hair or experiment something again.In the end , like always , I was tempted to experiment which had me asking for Fringes.Why did the bloody b u t c h e r not suggest me not to get fringes ??!! with that thin lifeless hair ??!! WHY !?!
I thought it wasn't that bad either anyway and so I spared her my anger.

For three days , dad's been watching my hairdo carefully making me very uncomfortable.Finally he said , " What kind of hairstyle is that ? Looks like an ALIEN cut"
I was like O M G! I had almost started thinking it was rather cute but cut = alien ???! :

I'm obviously mad.Whatever happens with a haircut never happens for the good.Why do I always land up with an unusual or boring haircut ? The Madonna type haircut wasn't a disaster as such but to get my hair look like that way , it would have been a daily exercise of blow dry which I wasn't going to do anyway.I've spoiled my hair in all these years.Earlier I used to wash them with herbs :( shampoo is so my foe now :((

Exam's over.But that's not a relief yet.
I want some nice summer holidays which do not require me to get back to some actual studies while scraping surfing & movies.
I cannot live w/o watching movies!



    Hair dissolving?
    hehe! i dnt hv that much hair.. whenever they grow beyond 1 inch papa reminds me of that! try Zoozoo cut! :p

    There's no movie comin up nowadays! hw do u live then? oldies?

    hey I am first again!

  2. hehehhehehhehe
    My God! You're sooo funny!!

    Dahi works wonders..its the most natural conditioner..try tht..

    Japakusum hair oil prevents hair loss and dandruff..sounds funny, i know..don't go by the name :P
    I used it for some time :)

    I got my hair rebonded recently..i am more than happy :)

    Don't fret too much..its ur'll grow back :)

    i strongly believe everything happens for the best :)

  3. i TOTALLY believe that everything happens for the best, but when times are too difficult, i console myself by altering it a bit - everything happens for a reason.

  4. - Abhinav -
    I love zoozoos , very cute =) But zoozoo's don't have hair , isn' it ? So what do you really mean by zoozoo cut ? :P :D

    Umm yeah been catching up with old english movies!
    And you're usually know why ? there are hardly 3-4 who read my blog :P
    congratulations for beng first though :D

    - Swats -
    I'm much more funnier :P
    I used to apply Dahi as well ..should resume using it!
    Japakusum ? Haha! :D lolll I'll find it & use it.Anything for my hair ;)
    Aww and you lucky thing! You got your hair rebonded finall han ? thats cool..I can't even think of it right now with the hair falling and all :(
    And yes I know my hair will grow back , but then I'll prolly never regain the volume :(
    everything happens for the best..NOT WITH A HAIRCUT me! :D

    - Rima -
    I don't see much difference between everything happening for the best or for a reason =)
    You have nothing to say bout haircut ? :P

  5. aaww..i have my sympathies wid u..bcz i've been experiencin the same thing..i used to have long healthy hair..a bad haircut n all gone..i've been experiencin hairfall like hell..(lol, i knw u cnt blame haircut 4 hairfall but atleast dat gives some relief..after all, v r not trichologists..)..u knw wot, hair grow faster than nails..toh dnt wry, it'll b fyn..n jst incase u feel low bcz of yr hair..den best remedy is to cuss yr hairdresser works

  6. - Keshi -
    =) lol

    - Candy -
    Heylo! Kahan hai ? Kaisi hai ?

    'Long healthy hair' > healthy na ? So it'll be all fine unlike in my case! And you are in your 12th grade..pretty natural to experience hairfall :P
    I know..I so wanna cuss!


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